Why you should consider taking a singles holiday

June 10, 2015, In: Travel

While many people assume that a vacation has to go hand-in-hand with the company of others, and means family bonding, backpackers, honeymoons, and babymoons, more and more travellers are currently going solo.

Approximately 25% of recent travellers were travelling alone on their most recent holiday, and this is even more popular among those who are traveling for the first time-jumping up to 37%.

Many of these solo travellers are unattached, and simply don’t see why their single status should influence whether or not they take a well-deserved break.


A lot of companies are also dropping the dreaded “single supplement” fees, which mean that solo travellers have to pay double for their own room. Singles holidays mean that you’re meeting people in the same stage of life as you, and so you’re likely to have more in common. The best part of travelling is the people you meet, and even if you don’t stay in touch you’re likely to still have great memories of seeing amazing sights, and talking late into the night.

By taking a singles holiday with others who are 50+, you’re dodging the giggling 18 year olds, loved-up newlyweds, and families. More and more people in this age bracket are interested in travelling, and you’re likely to make friends for life.

If you’ve never taken a singles holiday before you may be feeling a little apprehensive. However so are many of the other people who will also be on the holiday, and you’ll be taking the plunge with others feeling the same way. You can check out Saga Travel to help you out on your first singles holiday.


Often solo travellers who are 50 and older are entering a new stage in their life. You may have a busy social life but can’t find anyone who is ready to go travelling, or perhaps you have a partner who simply isn’t interested in a holiday.

It can be intimidating to travel with a bunch of strangers, but after the first day you’re likely to feel like you’ve known some people in the group forever. Travel breaks down barriers, and relationships are formed more quickly and often last for longer.

You don’t need to be the loudest, most outgoing, or adventurous person, and you’ll probably find that those in the 50+ age group are easy to get along with and don’t feel the need to play the “how many countries have you been to?” game which so many younger travellers enjoy.

Another great reason to consider taking a singles holiday is that they’re designed to be done at your own pace. If you want to simply sit in a cafe and read a book and people watch you can, or you could take a horse and carriage ride, see some evening shows, or go explore on your own. This freedom means that if you want to be around other people you can, or you can have some time to yourself and just meet the group for dinner.

Thanks to Saga Travel for inspiring me to write this post.



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