Why you should choose a Tailor Made Holiday

July 8, 2015, In: Travel

If you’ve been thinking about going on a holiday, you may be deciding between making up your own itinerary as you travel, or choosing tailor-made holidays. While there are certainly benefits to both choices, based on my experience I would definitely recommend taking a tailor-made holiday for the following reasons:


You make the choices

While many people think that once you’ve chosen to take a tailor made holiday all further decisions are completely out of your hands, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You choose the type of tour, comfort level, and how many people in your group, and you can also choose where to stay, what to eat, and how you get from one place to another, depending on the type of holiday you prefer.

You have support

When you’re travelling by yourself and something goes wrong, it’s usually up to you to fix it. You may end up on the phone arguing with an airline, hotel, or insurance company, but you’re completely powerless in this situation, and at the mercy of whoever is on the other end of the phone.

By choosing to take a tailor made holiday, you’ll know that not only have all of the accommodation, transportation, tours, and restaurants been tried, tested, and approved, but in the event that something goes wrong- whether it’s an earthquake or bad service, you’ll have a company who can take care of all of the details, and have your back while you’re away from home.


Your trip will suit your style

Maybe you’re a foodie, or you love to get a little “off the beaten path”. Or perhaps you love luxury, or want to have as many interactions with the locals as possible. However you like to travel, and whatever your personality traits, your trip will be tailor made to ensure that you have the best time possible.

Plenty of time to relax

Many people are wary of taking tailor made holidays, as they assume they’ll be constantly on the go, and won’t have any time to relax. However these days this is a myth, and you’ll find plenty of like-minded travellers who prefer to have a coffee occasionally and people watch instead of darting from one tourist site to another.

You can learn about the culture

Tailor made holidays allow you to do things which you might not usually get to do if you were travelling alone. Because tour companies have many different wholesalers who they use for day tours and accommodation, you’ll often find that you’ll have more of a chance to learn about the culture of the country you’re visiting. Whether this means taking a class and learning how to make the local food, staying with a family in a home-stay, or taking a few language classes, you’re bound to feel like you’ve really gotten to know a place and its people once you’ve finished with your tailor made holiday. VacationRentalsClub can arrange your tailor mail holiday in over 6000 cities around the world. No Commissions, No fees, No Charges It’s totally free and saves you 10%-50% on every accommodation booking worldwide.


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