What to Pack for an Adventure Holiday Abroad

December 10, 2015, In: Travel

When you pack for an adventure holiday abroad you have to include many more items than you do for a regular vacation. The climate and other conditions need to be taken into account when you are compiling a list of items you need to pack for this type of holiday. Things can go wrong on these types of trips too. It’s important to be prepared for all eventualities. These are the most important items you should pack for an adventure holiday abroad.

Health Related Items

When you’re away from home you want to be certain you can avoid any health issues and deal with problems that do occur. If you’re visiting a country where there’s a possibility of getting certain diseases such as malaria, it’s important get the appropriate medication before leaving. While in that country, make sure you bring items that repel and reduce the likelihood of getting this kind of diseases. Many adventure holidays are spent in remote locations. This means you have to become self- sufficient. Pack plenty of first aid supplies that will cover all emergencies while you’re away.


Hygiene Products

Hygiene is another key concern when you’re on this kind of holiday, especially if you will be spending a long period of time off the beaten track. The most important hygiene items you should bring include soap, shampoo, shower gel, a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving products, tissues and other important items.


When you’re on an adventure holiday you require different types of footwear. Casual shoes are required for the social aspect of the trip. You will probably have to invest in more rugged footwear, especially if you will be walking, hiking and climbing. Sneakers and flip-flops should also be packed for other activities you may take part in such as cycling, walking and relaxing.

Weather Proof Clothing and Accessories

When you visit another country, the weather conditions are often much different than they are in your own country. Some countries are hotter, while many popular adventure holiday locations are also cooler with adverse conditions at times. This means you need to be prepared for all of these conditions by packing clothing that protects you from wind, rain, sun, snow and cold conditions.

For hotter countries you should pack sunglasses, sun block, hats, caps and other accessories that reduce the impact of the sun. These items should be packed along with clothing and footwear that’s comfortable to wear in this type of climate.

Some countries where adventure holidays are popular have more moderate climates. However, it’s not unusual for these countries to experience rain and windy conditions. If there is high probability of this, include waterproof clothing such as jackets, waterproof footwear, hats, caps and other items that prevent you from getting wet while doing certain outdoor activities.

Finally, many adventure sports and activities take place in extremely cold countries. Once again pack the appropriate clothing and accessories. This includes ski jackets, thermal clothing and socks.


Specialized Equipment

Many adventure holiday activities require specialized equipment. This can be expensive to hire when you reach your destination so many travelers decide to bring their own equipment instead. Typical items that fall into this category include wetsuits, water sports equipment, diving gear, cycling accessories, camping gear, skiing gear and many other items required for specific adventure activities.

Important Documents and Copies of Important Documents

Double check your passport, tickets, driver’s license and any other important documents you require when you’re in another country. When you’re away from home you want things to go as smoothly as possibly.

Unfortunately, important items can get lost or stolen. This is a particularly important issue if you lose important documents while you’re away. Bring copies of your passports, visas (if required), tickets and health related documents if you suffer from certain health conditions.

Essential Tools and Items

It’s important to be self-sufficient and able to deal with any potential problems that occur. The most important tools you should bring include flashlights, phone chargers, compasses, Swiss Army knives, binoculars, food containers and water bottles.

Today’s smartphones are important too. They include features previous adventure seekers could only have wished for. There are hundreds of navigation, information and other travel related apps that will make your trip a much smoother and enjoyable experience.

An adventure holiday should be exciting, enjoyable and memorable. To make this type of holiday run smoother it’s vital to prepare properly. Create a list of all the items you need and make sure you bring them with you. This reduces the stress and expense you experience when you reach your destination so that you can focus on the adventure ahead.


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