Top tips for avoiding food temptations in 2016

February 16, 2016, In: Travel

The middle of February means one thing for many people- New Year’s resolutions around watching our eating and drinking are long gone. It’s hard to keep up with strict healthy eating regimes with so many temptations around us. Here are some top tips to try and help you get through 2016 without giving yours:

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Invest in a little help

Using an app to help track your daily food intake and record your fitness attempts is a great way to stay in control of your eating and drinking habits. This app from Superbody is great as it’s a holistic lifestyle programme designed to help users learn more about both nutrition and fitness, not solely about losing weight. The app acts as your own person coach advising you on what to eat and when so you can maintain perfect control over your food choices and hopefully stick to them for a little longer.

Always be prepared

Food companies are continuously developing new healthy food products every single day. From healthy popcorn to fruit bars and sugar free chocolate, there are so many ways to lower your calorie intake and eat healthier that if you prepare in advance you won’t give into temptation. Obviously, eating fruit and vegetables is much healthier than a processed alternative but if you’re craving something sugary, have a low fat snack at the ready in your handbag at all times. These mini banana Soreen loafs are low fat, a great source of energy and nice and handy to just pop in your bag.


Look at menus in advance

The worst temptation to eat something unhealthy is when we eat out. From cheesy pizza, to cream laden pasta dishes and fatty meats, going out for dinner is like a death trap when it comes to sticking healthy. However, with healthy food going through a bit of a trendy phase at the minute many restaurants are now offering superfood salads and sections of the menu which offer lighter alternatives. Look at the menu in advance so you can make an informed choice before arriving and being swayed by all the delicious options.

Avoiding food temptation is really difficult but by following these handy tips you should be able to make more informed and healthier choices. Don’t worry if you do have an off day however, it’s just a bump in the road.




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