Top 7 things to do in Vienna

August 29, 2016, In: Travel

Whenever I visit a new place, I’m always concerned that I’ll miss out on the best attractions, or that I’ll make a never-ending list of things to see and simply not have the time to get through them all. If you’re heading to Vienna soon, hopefully today’s blog post on the top seven things to do in Austria’s capital, will make sure you see as much of this beautiful city as possible.

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  1. Visit Schönbrunn Palace

Not many people visit Vienna without going to the Schönbrunn Palace. This expansive baroque mansion will enable you to walk through history, as this once Imperial residence is now a museum exhibit, where visitors can experience what life was like under the old rule.

  1. See Tiergarten Schönbrunn

As you’re already in the Palace grounds, take a stroll further into the estate and you’ll be greeted by the world’s oldest zoo. Now a scientific reserve and conservation habitat, Tiergarten Schönbrunn is one of the only places in the world where you’ll be able to view giant pandas, as well as 18th century architecture.

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  1. Look skyward for St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Also known as Stephansdom, this serves as an iconic feature on the skyline for locals, and will act as the perfect meeting spot on your trip if anyone gets lost. While you walk through the old, cobbled streets of Vienna in search of souvenirs, be sure to stop by and enjoy its beautiful carvings.

  1. Have fun in Prater

The giant antique wheel will cut an impressive figure against the sky, so you’ll no doubt be tempted to take a trip down to the Wurstelprater amusement park, or Prater as the Viennese refer to it. With beautiful park land surrounding it, and plenty of carnival games and rides, there’ll be something for everyone here.

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  1. Watch an opera

Vienna is one of the birthplaces of opera, so it would be rude not to stop by the decadent and luxurious Vienna State Opera House for an evening of culture. If you take a look at, you’ll be able to see the full programme of concerts, operas and ballets that will be shown during your stay.

  1. Lose yourself in the Albertina

If you’re a lover of all things art, then you’ll be right at home at the Albertina museum in Vienna’s Old Town. It currently houses one of the largest and most famous print rooms in the world, with around 65,000 drawings and one million old master prints, as well as modern graphic works, photographs and architectural drawings.

  1. Walk through time at the Vienna Museum of Natural History

If you haven’t quite had your fill of culture, then be sure to finish off your trip at the Natural History museum, which opened in 1889 and has been building its priceless collection ever since. You’ll be able to view the wonders of the solar system using state of the art technology, but all in the surroundings of a baroque mansion.

Do you have any more top attractions for Vienna on your list?


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