Top 6 Things to do in Norway

December 6, 2017, In: Travel

If you travel North enough, right before the city of Santa Clause, you will find a country filled with mystery and charm. That’s Norway, you guys – the not-your-typical-family-vacation-destination-although-it-should-probably-be place.

For many of you, Norway may feel cold and distant (literally and figuratively).

But once discovered, you will see that Norway is cosy and luxurious, beautiful and haunting, unique and really well-integrated in the European space as well.

Norway is part of the history of the world in ways that will simply wow you (e.g., did you know Vikings were the first to land on American soil?).

Enough with the digression, though. We have gathered 5 of the most amazing places to visit and things to do while in Norway – so if you want to learn more about it, read down below and find the correct information!



Probably one of Norway’s most famous fjords, this is a place you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit Norway – not because we say so, but because it’s a truly spectacular landscape you are not bound to forget very soon.

This place will wreck your soul – it is that beautiful. Come prepared to be amazed in the fullest, most life-changing way there is! Consider enjoying a beautiful Norway Fjords cruise, the best way to get stunning photos of the fjords.


You may not be able to travel back in time, but you can travel to Brygen if you want to catch a glimpse of what medieval life looked like in Norway.  The charming wooden clad boat houses painted in pretty colors, the people here, the food – it’s one of those places you don’t give much credit for until you actually see it.

Imagine Amsterdam gone full North, embracing completely different traditions and making everything with a style of his own. If you always wanted to visit a traditional village in Norway, this is what it gets.

In many ways, Norway is pretty relaxed, but it is also lively in its own way. We guarantee you will have the experience of a lifetime while here!

Vigeland Sculpture Park.

In love with sculptures and art? In Norway, you will find there’s an entire outdoor park created just for people like you.

Yes, there’s an actual park filled with modernist sculptures. You can take a walk and admire them while breathing in the fresh air only the North can offer.

Who wouldn’t like that, especially when passionate about arts and culture?

The Kon-Tiki Museum

If you are the kind fascinated with the sea and adventures on water, the Kon-Tiki museum is just perfect for you. Focused on the sea expeditions of Thor Heyerdahl, one of the most important sea explorers (not just in Norway, but all around the world), this museum is a true wonder for people who are really into boats and sailing. You can even see the wooden raft Thor Heyerdahl used to travel from Peru to Polynesia in the ‘40s!

If you are traveling with the family, this is a great place to visit – but it is equally fascinating if you are traveling alone or with a friend as well. It’s just one of those places that will load you with golden information and help you really understand what the Northern culture is all about.

The Viking Ship Museum

Also in the educational ballpark, the Viking Ship Museum will take you in an adventure at sea – and a moment of time traveling as well. The museum exhibits no less than three full-sized Viking ships from the 9th century – so if you ever wondered if the ships in the Vikings television series are realistic, this is your moment to find out .

You will be more than impressed by the skill and mastery that went into the creation and usage of each of these ships – and, once again, you will understand where Norse people draw their real roots and their real spirit from.

The Northern Lights

Now, this is something each and every person should experience in their life. Yes, experience is the correct word here because the Northern Lights are not just watched. They are a full experience that will change your perspective on life.

Stunning, mesmerizing and really magnificent, the Northern Lights can be seen from the Northern parts of Norway, Finland, and Iceland. However, to see them in their full glory, you will most likely have to get away from the city. You will also have to travel to Norway during the Northern Lights season (between November and February). Keep in mind, though: even if you do go there during peak season, there’s still only a 50% chance you will get to see the Northern Lights – so our advice is to spend as much time as possible in the North, so that you increase the odds of catching this spectacle of Nature.

Norway is a fascinating place in the fullest sense of the word – and you will definitely agree with us on this once you visit it!


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