Things to consider when buying a new bike

September 10, 2015, In: Travel

You might be under the false impression that buying a new bike is basically about picking a pretty colour, one which looks sturdy, and isn’t too expensive. Well, yes, those things do come into consideration to varying degrees, but basically when you’re looking to buy a new bike, there are other considerations you need to be thinking about, to make sure you get the best for your cash.

This is an investment, something which is going to take you over miles, last you a long time, and hopefully not need replacing any time soon. With that in mind, you want to make sure what you pick is right for you, including your budget, your requirements, and anything else which might be pertinent.


Think about your budget

You need to be strict here, but you also need to be realistic. Think about the money you have to spend on your new bike and make sure that what you put aside is enough to get you the quality you need. On top of this, you need to be strict when you’re looking to buy and don’t go over your set budget. Shop around, look at deals, even look on eBay as a guideline – you might find a bargain. Remember that you’re going to have extra costs too, such as safety gear and a helmet on top of this. One thing I’ve found is that you can often make serious savings by buying online.  One great way to save money is checking shops, like Cycling Express, which offer bikes online. Some shops have online-only discounts which you can take advantage of.


Think about the terrain you’re going to be travelling over

It’s no good buying an expensive bike if you’re only going to be riding to work every day on a flat surface; it’s also no good buying something flimsy if you’re wanting to head into the hills of a weekend. Shop for your requirements.

Think about the material of the frame

This might sound a little complicated but it’s something to think about – basically, steel is more durable, and this is going to last you longer, and it’s also going to be cheaper. The downside of this is that steel frames are heavier. Consider looking at titanium as a possible difference. Again, it depends on what you’re using your bike for.


Think about the gear system

Again, this depends on what you’re using your bike for, but you have a gear system to think about. You might need to discuss this with a specialist in the bike store first if you’re not too sure, but basically, internally geared hubs, which sound very complicated, are more long-lasting and won’t need to be maintained so often, which saves money. The downside? They’re more expensive. On the other hand, derailleur gear systems are lighter and cheaper, but they will need more in the way of maintenance. It’s a catch 22, but one you need to think about.

Before you throw cash at your new cycling investment, be sure to consider all the important aspects first, and you should be guaranteed a more long-lasting bike which will carry you over miles and many different types of terrain.



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