The Perfect Solution for Choosing Your Dream Holiday

February 29, 2016, In: Travel

It can be hard to choose a holiday, especially if you’ve got a family to please. Finding a destination that fits your budget, your family’s wants, the climate you’re hoping for and the kind of entertainment you’re looking for can be a challenge. Holidays are special because they’re often where some of the most amazing family memories are made. You’re away from home, you have more free time together than you’d usually have and you’re documenting it all on camera – at least I hope – so you want to set the perfect foundation for your trip. Here are some ticks and tips for choosing your dream holiday that pleases everyone.

Use a Holiday Generator For Inspiration
The team at My Voucher Codes have created a fun holiday generator. By taking a simple quiz, it gives you a well-matched suggestion on where you should head off for this summer break. It’s fun, because you can get all family members to take the quiz and then tally up the results. If one result wins more than the others, why not take a leap of faith and book that as your holiday destination? While you don’t have to follow what the suggestions are, it’s a super fun way to get some new ideas that you might not have otherwise got.

Turn It Into a Game
Everyone’s going to have their own opinions abut where you should head. If your children are old enough, why not turn it into a challenge to see who wins and therefore gets to decide the holiday. You can play a board game to decide the winner, or if you want something a bit faster, why not play Paper Scissors Rocks to find the winner and the holiday destination. Make sure to pre-approve the destinations so that you don’t end up committing to something outside of your budget.

Pick a Location on the Map
Why not get blind folded, spin a globe and point somewhere on the map, choosing your next destination completely randomly. This is a great option if you have quite a generous travel budget and are just up for an adventure.

Work Backwards with Flight Costs
You can use a search engine that has the option to show flights by prices. Then just select your departure airport and ask the engine to rate options to ‘anywhere’ by the price. That way you can find somewhere that sounds fun to explore, while ensuring you’re paying a great price for the flights.

I’ve found that it’s more important who you’re with than where you go. Turn your holiday into an even bigger adventure by making the process fun.


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