Some of the best things to do in London

March 30, 2015, In: Travel

Visiting London can be a daunting experience if you’ve never done it before, simply because of the sheer size of the place, the fast paced energy, and the confusing underground system (which after the first attempt you realise isn’t that confusing at all!) Having said all this, London is an amazing city to visit, full of colour, architecture, history, culture, fun, fashion, and a downright cool vibe which you can’t help but get swept along with.

If you’re heading over to the British capital, what can you do during your time there? Well, there are plentiful activities, in fact there are far too many to mention, but as a few suggestions, check out these ideas.

bus-84711_1280Hop on/off bus

This is a rite of passage in any city, but in London it is extra special because it’s a red double decker bus, the type that you would see in London everyday life. The great thing about a tour like this is that you can see a lot in a short space of time, without having to navigate around everything yourself. London is sprawling, so in order to see the best without giving yourself blisters and a headache, this is a great idea, albeit extremely touristy!

The views from Hampstead Heath

Filing your lungs with fresh air and checking out the amazing city skyline is a great idea, so head over to Hampstead Heath to do just that. Take a picnic, grab a bite to eat along the way, and chill the hell out on the green open space that sits in the heart of a city that seems to never rest.

london-eye-254269_1280London Dungeon

If you’re traveling with teenagers, this is a great idea, because not only will they get to learn something, but they also amp up the fun factor too. You’ll find 2 for 1 deals on this particular attraction if you look hard enough, which will save you money, and you’ll have a great time learning about London’s rather gory past, with life-like actors playing the parts.

London Eye

Another one of those must do attractions is the famous London Eye, giving you amazing and far-reaching views on a clear day. You can book ahead of time online or queue up on the day, but to save time it’s a good idea to think ahead, and you’ll usually get a discount if you do it this way too.

westminster-363882_1280Thames cruise

Chill out and cruise your way down the river that famously cuts through the city. You’ll find many different options so it’s really a case of heading down there and seeing which one takes your fancy on the day. This is also a great way of getting from one end of the river to the other in a more scenic manner.

Buckingham Palace – Changing of the Guard

Check times online as they do change, but this is something everyone visiting London for the first time has to witness. If you think about pomp and ceremony when you picture London, then this is it. Get as close as possible to the Palace gates, although don’t be pushing otherwise the police will have something to say, and you’ll get a great view of the procedure.

oxford-315979_1280Shopping on Oxford Street

You can’t visit one of the biggest cities in the world and not hit one of the most famous streets of all for a spot of retail therapy! High Street stores line your path, and you have to head a little off the way to Knightsbridge to visit Harrods too, because you haven’t been to London if you haven’t visited Harrods!

Catch a West End show

The West End is London’s version of Broadway, and you’ll find theatres showing big-named productions, with bigger names playing the parts. Book online to get the best deals, or head to the Box Office on the day. A word of warning however – avoid ticket touts like the plague!

As a starter this should get your time in London rolling, however one thing’s for sure, one visit will never be enough!


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