How to Travel Safely with a Dog on Board

November 23, 2015, In: Travel

Everyone loves going on vacation. It’s usually something we look forward to all year long, and if the trip is a long-haul one, we are often still paying for it for months after we return. As a pet owner, you probably plan your trips away around your pets – booking their accommodation at the same time you start looking at hotels or apartments, or even forgoing a holiday to avoid leaving your best friend at home. But if you can’t bear to be separated from your dog, there is no reason why the dog can’t come too, as long as you plan the trip accordingly.


Short Trips with a Pooch

Taking a dog on short trips is not too problematic and as long as you carry some water and his food (if you intend on being out past his normal meal time), he should be fine. However, if you are travelling by car, remember to stop at regular intervals for toilet breaks. Your dog should also be properly restrained inside the vehicle to prevent any accidents. A crate is ideal, but if this is not possible you can invest in a seatbelt restraint attached to a pet harness instead. And if he suffers from motion sickness, ask your veterinarian for some medication to help control nausea or you will both be very miserable at the end of the trip.

Long Haul Trips with a Dog

It is customary to travel via plane when going on a long-haul trip, but airplanes are designed for humans not dogs, so you will need to make lots of preparations before the trip.

  • Pet passport – Some countries require that your pet has a passport with a record of his inoculations before he travels. If in doubt about the rules, check before you go.
  • Crating your dog – Airlines require a dog to be crated before he is allowed on board. Don’t feel too bad about this, most dogs don’t mind too much. However, remove anything from the crate that could harm him and exercise him well before the flight.


Keeping a Dog Calm during the Trip

Take your dog’s favorite toys, a blanket or his bed with you. This will provide a sense of familiarity when he’s in a strange place. You should also be nice and calm with him at all times. If you are anxious about the journey, he’ll pick up on it and assume he has a reason to be upset.

Some dogs hate travelling. They get anxious and stressed and cause all kinds of problems during the trip. If your dog is a bad traveler, it might be worth giving him a mild sedative before you set off, to relax him and help make the journey easier for you both. Speak to your veterinarian about the issue and see what they advise.

Before looking at dogs for sale from a reputable seller such as Little Puppies Online, think about whether you need to plan a long trip home after collecting your new pet dog. If so, make arrangements accordingly and ensure you have everything you need to keep the dog safe and comfortable.


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