How to make travel days easier

October 13, 2014, In: Travel

There’s no denying that travel can be a major pain in the backside; you want to get to your destination and you want to get there quick time, but instead you have to sit in a glorified tin can for seemingly endless hours, or wait around in an airport when there doesn’t seem to be much to do!

Whilst we can’t cut out the traveling part of going away completely, we can find ways to make it a bit easier on the body, mind, and stress levels.

See if any of these tips work for you on your next journey.


Make sure you’re organised

It sounds a little too organised to say this, but make sure you have everything you need well ahead of time, make sure it’s printed out, and make sure you have it organised in your hand luggage in the order you’re going to need it. Also make sure your passport is in date, with the required amount of validity on it, and you have a visa for the place you’re heading to, if you need one. Paperwork might be boring, but its paperwork that gets you from home to amazing places around the world! Also, having everything you need means you’re not going to be worrying about ‘what if’. This includes remembering to check your tyres regularly, especially if you’re going on a road trip. Yes, new tyres can be expensive, but if you buy new tyres online you’ll be surprised by how much you save. Don’t get caught out with bald tyres, it could ruin your holiday, or worse!

Make the airport a part of your holiday

I don’t like airports that much, I find the waiting around a bit boring to say the least, but I found that when I changed my mind-set and decided to make the airport a part of my holiday, things changed a little. Go for a meal at a sit down restaurant, do a little shopping (but not too much), have your nails done in that mobile nail bar, basically do the things you enjoy and the things that help you get in the holiday mood.


Distraction is your friend

Charge up that iPad, make sure you have books, games, apps, films, and music on it, make sure you have earphones, and considering buying a back up battery for when it runs out of juice. Distraction is the one thing that will make the waiting seem like less of a chore.

Comfort is also a good friend to know

There is nothing worse than travelling in uncomfortable clothes and in uncomfortable surroundings. Make sure you give a little pre-thought to your outfit and wear something you can easily move around in, as well as shoes you can easily take off. Remember some warm socks, a jacket, and maybe a neck pillow for those times you simply want a bit of shut eye. If you’re comfortable, time will pass quicker.

Travelling is necessary in order for us to reach the far-flung parts of the globe, so instead of dreading it, embrace it and watch the stress melt away.

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