How to make sure you don’t blow all of your money while traveling

July 10, 2015, In: Finance, Travel

You’ve worked hard, saved to go on a holiday, or to travel long term, and you’re concerned that you may end up blowing all of your hard earned cash, and ending up cutting your trip short and not being able to do the things you want.

Here are some tips to help ensure you don’t blow all of your money while traveling:


Travel longer

This may seem strange, but the longer you travel for, the more money you will end up saving in the long term. Flights are often the most expensive part of your trip, so instead of going away on two holidays a year, for 2 weeks each, see if you can convince your boss to let you travel for a month.

If you can take unpaid leave, and spend a few months travelling, you’ll be able to go at a slower pace, see more, connect more with the locals, and still spend less money than you would going on weekend trips and shorter vacations a few times a year.

Fly smart

If you don’t yet have an air points reward credit card, it’s time to get one. Many cards offer sign up bonuses, or will reward you if you spend a certain amount within a period of time. If you spend smart, and use the card for everyday purchases (making sure you pay it off all at once), you’ll have points which you can use while you’re traveling.


Choose a cheaper destination

If you travel to a more expensive destination like Paris or Amsterdam, you may notice that you’re spending your money at an astonishing rate. Food, public transport, water, and accommodation can quickly add up, and traveling isn’t much fun when you’re constantly feeling broke.

Consider flying to Hungary, Bulgaria, Thailand, Indonesia,or Cambodia instead. If you use your air points then fights won’t be too expensive, and you can often find cheap deals if you book in advance. You’ll also be surprised by just how cheap it is to travel in these places, and you can expect to pay just a few dollars for some excellent local food, and less than $20 for impressive accommodation. Because you’re travelling to a destination which isn’t visited as much as say, Paris, you’ll also find that you may have better stories to tell, and you’ll be more appreciative when you return.

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Gamble online and not in person

Sure, it can be tempting to visit the casinos while you’re abroad. But if you really get an itch for a game, try Lucky 8 Roulette instead, and do your gambling online. Often if you visit a casino abroad you’ll find that you end up gambling after drinking too much, and wake up a lot poorer the next day. Playing online is a good way to control your spending, make some money, and still keep your budget under control.

Do you have any tips for budgeting while traveling?


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