How to Holiday Like a Celeb

April 20, 2016, In: Travel

Celebrities really have it all. Gorgeous looks, financial freedom, and the best holidays around. In fact, if you’ve seen them on holiday they’re usually somewhere where you and I wouldn’t be able to go, looking relaxed and happy.

But did you know that you can also have these types of holidays? Believe it or not, but you can holiday like a celeb and stay in the kind of accommodation you’ve only dreamed of. Just don’t forget to take insurance.

Think The Lucky House, owned by successful model Christy Brinkley, and featuring 3 bedrooms, guest services, on-site activities, a 45-foot long infinity pool, a beachside fire pit and even a decking area so you can relax and sunbathe for as long as you like. When you compare what you’d pay for a hotel, this house actually works out to be relatively reasonable, at just £4,544 per person per week.


Mick Jagger fans will be excited to learn that you can stay in a beachfront Japanese-style villa which he used to own. The villa is made up of six separate pavilions, interconnected by covered walkways and of course there’s also an outdoor pool, hot tub and tennis court. This place would be perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette party, as long as you can shell out £1,244 per person for a week.

We’ve all had visions of leaving our troubles behind and heading to the Caribbean. If you haven’t yet been to the British Virgin Islands then you’ve been missing out, especially considering that you can stay in Richard Branson’s home, which is literally on a private island, with space for up to 30 people. Considering the location and all of the activities available, the £9,928 price tag per person seems quite reasonable for a week.

If you’re a huge celebrity fan, you can’t do better than Orson Wells’ estate. You’ll find it above Sunset Boulevard in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, and you can put the lagoon pool and jacuzzi to good use while you gaze at the incredible view of Hollywood. Many different stars have lived here, including David Bowie, Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth and Barbara Streisand, and the home is a steal, fitting up to 8 people in the 4 bedrooms and just £455 per person per week.

Need more space? The Merv Griffin Estate can sleep 20, and has a huge 13 bedrooms, sun terraces, an incredible infinity pool and the chance to hang out and go paddle boating in the private pond. Located in La Quinta, California, you can expect to spend £1,375 per person for the week.

Are you a fan of the screen legend Elizabeth Taylor? Well you may find it surprising to learn that you can sleep in her Palm Springs home. You’ll find photographs throughout the home, her priceless possessions, oil paintings and more. You can stay here with 7 friends, and enjoy the views, spa, pool and fireplace for a steal at just £372 per person


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