How can we Expect Travel to Change in the Future?

June 1, 2015, In: Travel

Travel is constantly changing. And while it’s amazing how far we’ve come, and how small the world is today, I can’t help but wonder how travel with change in the future,  and what I will see in my lifetime.

Here’s what I expect will change about travel in the future:

Well be traveling in space

Projects are already underway so that private companies can begin mining on the moon, and if this happens we can expect that the moon will become a kind of “space hub” where rockets will refuel on the way to other places. It will certainly be interesting to see if private companies can put another man on the moon, and if this leads to more space travel in my lifetime.


Flying will be faster and more fun

Major airline designers are currently looking at how we can make flying faster, and we’ve already come a long way from even fifty years ago. Designs have also been trademarked for plane windows to be completely see-through, or to be able to be used as smart-screens to provide entertainment and show where the plane is traveling.

We wont spend as long in airport

Travellers are already becoming used to checking themselves in, and carriers like Air New Zealand allow you to drop your own bags as well. Soon we will have no need for human staff, and as younger generations are born more technologically savvy, we can expect that they’ll be a whizz at looking after themselves-meaning no more lining up for hours.


Augmented reality will make traveling easier

When we look at what we can already do with apps today, and how they make travelling both more fun and easier, it’s easy to imagine how augmented reality would also help us to navigate airports and malls around the world.

Jet lag may disappear

Sure, this one may not be all that likely, but some planes are installing “mood lighting” which is better for the brain and prevents jet-lag. And as flights become shorter and faster, we can expect less jet lag as there will be less of a time difference from where we board the plane to where we disembark.

We may be having even more adventures

Europe a la carte recently blogged about possible adventures we could be having in space, and it looks pretty amazing. The information is from Into the Blue, and they’ve predicted what we could be doing in the next 50-100 years.

Imagine if we could go skydiving on Kepler 22-B, or perhaps race space shuttles? I would definitely be up for this type of adventure, although I may be an old woman before it happens.

One thing we can expect is that we’ll be able to tour the lunar landing site, and if we’re lucky we could spend a few days in the International Space Station. One things for sure, there are exciting adventures in the works for travel, and the next 100 years will be huge for anyone who likes to see new things and have adventures in far away places.


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