Here’s why you should take a cruise this year

May 25, 2018, In: Travel

Cruising becomes more and more popular each year, especially for travellers who are looking to get the most out of their holiday. Here are a few reasons why you should take a cruise this year:

Stress-free planning

If you’re not a fan of planning your holidays, and you don’t love figuring out the logistics and deciding how you’ll get from Point A to Point B, you’ll enjoy cruising. You get to see multiple destinations without all the stress, exhaustion, and anxiety of planning your route. You can visit several countries while sleeping in the same cabin and bed each night.

For many people, the worst part of travelling is continually dealing with airport security and checking in and out of hotels. With cruising, you only unpack once, and you’ll often travel to a new destination overnight or have a day at sea so you can relax by the pool.


Great value

Cruises are amazing value for money. As competition heats up, you can sail from Southampton, Miami, or hundreds of other ports around the world. And since cruises are all-inclusive, you’ll pay one fare which covers meals, onboard entertainment, travel to each place, and more. If you don’t want to spend much while you’re on your cruise, you can also prepay things like gratuities, shore excursions, and more. There are also plenty of great sales and promotions continually on offer, and you can often choose from extra benefits like free Wifi or onboard credit.

Something for everyone

Planning to travel with the kids? Many cruise lines are excellent for families and offer kids clubs and babysitting for all ages. Want to enjoy your retirement in peace? There are a number of luxury cruises tailored to this age group. Planning to drink a little too much and spend your cruise partying? There are many cruise lines ready for a younger crowd.

An easy way to travel

On cruise days, you can enjoy the facilities onboard the ships. And when you dock, you can either choose to take an organized tour through the cruise line, or explore independently. This gives you the best of both worlds allowing you to enjoy your free time any way you like.

Have you cruised in the past? Or are you planning to take a cruise this year? Leave a comment below and share your favorite cruise line or cruising tips.


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