Great Countries for Winter Sun

October 28, 2015, In: Travel

Winter in the UK is rarely a cheery time of year. The sky is almost permanently overcast, the mornings are cold and dark and we’re more likely to see sleet and rain day in day out instead of thick, fluffy snow. It’s hard to remember when we last even had a proper white Christmas!

Winter can be just as stunning as the warmer months, it just depends where you are. If you’re planning on taking a trip this winter, why not try and get the best experience possible? There are plenty of places to visit that give you the chance to experience the glories of the winter sun?

For snow and winter wonders, including clear skies, here are 5 great destinations for winter sun.



One of the closer destinations and one of the most reliably warm, Marrakesh is one Morocco’s imperial cities and a popular tourist destination. It only takes about four hours to get their by plane, and the desert city’s temperatures rarely drop below 65F, meaning that even in the winter months there’ll be plenty of sunshine and delightful temperatures.


One of the best places to experience a European winter, Lanzarote is often forgotten about when it comes to great places for winter sun. There is a national park laid over volcanic wasteland, and as a result the temperatures stay around 20C during the winter months. With stunning views and a temperate atmosphere, it’s worth a visit.


As a thriving city, Dubai is a very popular holiday destination, and its desert location means that winter is more of a vague idea than a reality! Winter in Dubai only lasts for about six weeks, so it’s great for sun-lovers that don’t want things to get too cold. If anything, you have to act fast because it starts to warm up again very quickly!



Florida is popular because of its heat and enviable position on the coast, but actually places like Orlando are much more agreeable to visit during the winter months. Winter is the ideal time to visit as the high-summer crowds and party atmosphere has dissipated, leaving you only with mild temperatures and stunning beaches to enjoy.


Goa is perfect for people looking to see more sun and much less rain. The average rainfall in Goa during winter is 0mm; in other words, it’s the dry season. Goa is also known for its sunshine, so why not take advantage of the dry, sunny spell and get away from wet and windy England?





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