Exploring Bundaberg

November 22, 2016, In: Travel

Located four hours away from Brisbane by road, the Bundaberg region is famous for its natural scenery and many attractive city and rural areas. The region is also home to the world-famous Southern Great Barrier Reef, Mon Repos Turtle Rookery, Bundaberg Rum, and the famous aviator Bert Hinkler. Bundaberg is a beautiful juxtaposition of quaint country and a cool coastal vibe, to create what the locals call ‘Bundy’. You can enjoy food straight from the farm, dive in the Great Barrier Reef, and then watch baby turtles make their way into the sea, all in one day.


Some of the best features about Bundaberg include the pleasant climate, a laidback lifestyle, multiple shopping facilities and a plenty of places to explore. A few activities that should be on any visitor’s list include swimming alongside turtles at Lady Elliot Island and watching the turtle life cycle unfold before your eyes as the nesting and hatching season unfolds.

There is also an abundance of fresh produce, which has been responsible for an impressive dining experience. You can pick your own fruit, including strawberries, figs, avocados, oranges and more from roadside stalls and farm gates. There are many locally-sourced menus, with a variety of options for diners. The best part about Bundaberg is its enviable climate, which is always pleasant. Summer days are perfect to explore the region, and then balmy tropical evenings are when you can kick back and relax. Winters are mild too, and rainfall occurs during the warmer months. If you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, or are into sports, then there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy golf, fishing, swimming and cycling all over Bundaberg.


Another popular attraction in North Bundaberg is the Botanic Gardens, which can be accessed with a car hire from central Bundaberg. The gardens are home to picturesque lakeside boardwalks, natural promenades, and serene landscapes. The parklands are also testament to Bundaberg’s rich and varied history, and have the reconstructed home of the city’s famed aviator, Bert Hinkler. There is also a restored coal-powered steam locomotive, which allows for a different, more leisurely view of the gardens. Apart from the gardens themselves, there are also other experiences waiting, such as the Bundaberg Historical Museum, Fairymead House, the Sugar Museum, and the Bundaberg Railway Museum – all of which offer a rare glimpse into Bundaberg’s past.





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