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April 7, 2016, In: Travel

Despite the missing ocean, Bristol is still considered to be a waterfront with the Avon centering the city and making it a fortunate port. Even though not much trade is conducted via the port, it still has its importance. Once a small city with very little population, today Bristol has completely changed into a thriving city with artsy warehouses, groovy restaurants and cafes, monuments and buildings that speak for themselves, not to forget, the exhibitions in the local museums. If you have plans to visit the city, do it in the summers when the city is alive and booming with travellers, picnickers and cyclists from all around the globe.

As for transportation means, two of the very best and most famous have been discussed below.


Off-line Taxi

Bristol taxi is a bit expensive when compared to other transportation means due to heavy traffic in the city.

Two types of taxis operate in Bristol. The first ones are the ever-so famous black cabs or Hackney Carriages which are London’s most iconic offspring and the second, private car hires or minicabs. The black cabs mostly function under the government and have to pass certain regulations and tests in order to become licensed. In addition, these vehicles are also specially manufactured in a certain way to carry 5 to 6 passengers in a single go, along with their luggage or baggage. Its drivers too, have to take a knowledge test in order to become licensed. These black cabs can easily be flagged down from the street or hailed from taxi ranks. Black cabs also have a distinguishable yellow Taxi sign that blinks to indicate its availability.


Private Car hire

Minicabs or private hire cabs are the best alternate competition for the black cabs in town. Offering luxury and comfortable rides from one destination to the other, these have become quite famous in the city in recent times. The reason why most travellers consider this a much better choice is its ease of hiring. Since these have to be hired in advance or pre-booked online, many people find them a much better substitute that is both cost and time efficient.

Some of the best minicab companies in town include:

For further facilitation of the people of Bristol, the government has also launched websites like Taxifarefinder to offer quick information about travel routes and the fares a taxi would charge from one place to another. Other companies such as minicabit have launched in an effort to compare the quality and price of over 700 different cab companies


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