Best North American and Caribbean Ports to Explore

August 25, 2015, In: Travel

So you’re planning the most wonderful cruise ever, and you want to know which attractions along the way are must-see? You could hit the beach, shop till you drop, take an excursion to tour the island, or go snorkeling or hiking… or find other active pursuits. The catch is, while you might return to some of the destinations on your cruise itinerary, you might never again set foot on others. No pressure, right? You could spend days on end pouring over your itinerary trying to figure out the absolute best way to maximize your time in port, but let’s try and cut out the middle man by giving you this guide to the very best Caribbean and North American ports to explore on your next cruise.


 Mexico’s Mayan Ruins

Mexico’s ancient civilisations were the most sophisticated and formidable in North and Central America, and the ruins of their cities and sacred precincts are an unforgettable highlight of any trip there. The tall pyramids, richly decorated temples and palaces, ritual ball-game courts and gruesome sacrificial sites have amazed outsiders since the Spaniards arrived on Mexican soil in 1519. Visiting them today is still very much a journey of discovery into an extraordinary past, and an experience not to be missed. Archaeologists have been uncovering ancient sites and making spectacular discoveries here since the 19th century. Many impressive sites have been restored and made accessible to visitors, while others have been explored only in part; thousands more remain untouched. Teotihuacán: this city with its huge pyramids, 50km from Mexico City, flourished in the first seven centuries AD, and ruled the biggest of the ancient Mexican empires. Most of Mexico’s major pre-Hispanic sites are scattered around the centre, south and southeast of the country, where the greatest ancient civillisations developed. The most famous sites are often thronged with large numbers of visitors; others are hidden away on remote hilltops or shrouded in thick jungle, and – for those with an adventurous spirit – can be the most exciting and rewarding to visit.


Theme Parks of Florida 

Universal! Disney World! Sea World! Busch Gardens! The list of theme parks Orlando has to offer goes on and on… so if you want to make the most of them all you’ll need to have an action plan. With the potential for long lines and overpriced food on any trip to a theme park just a few smart tips can make sure you miss them! Make sure to check out any queue-jumping systems at the theme park you’re heading to, for example fast pass at Disney World, so you can sail right onto rides others are waiting hours for. Also if you want to make reservations for any sit-down restaurants see if they take them at least a month in advance – longer if possible as they’ll be sure to fill up quickly.


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