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April 20, 2015, In: Travel

Who doesn’t love a good beach? Plenty of sun-cream slathered on, a hat, a bottle of water, a good book, and we’re ready to hit the sand and chill the hell right out.

Of course, a beach is not just a beach, there are certain things that make up the quintessential beach experience, and I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to do something, you should do it right, so why head to a so-so beach, when you could be heading to a full-on magical beach?

The world is packed with stunning natural beaches, and its impossible to narrow it down to one that is perfect, because it really is a personal opinion. Having said that, there are some which consistently make the list, and the five you will read about below are true contenders for the crown.


Every single beach on the islands belonging to the Seychelles are stunning, that’s a given. Having said that, Anse Source d’Argent is probably the best, and its pale pink sands which sit luminously next to the beautiful glittering Indian Ocean truly do tick every single box. The waters here are quite shallow, making it safe for swimming, or of course a spot of sunbathing as you watch the world go by in paradise.


The Seychelles and Maldives go together in terms of beauty like salt and pepper, basically they’re hand in hand. The Maldives are amazing islands to visit for those who love snorkelling and diving, because the marine life around here is stunning, but the beaches are also something else. Think palm-tree lined, glittering, aquamarine waters, and white sand which feels like talcum powder under your feet. Heaven.

maldives-261504_1280The Hamptons, New York

Of course this is quite an exclusive area of the world, and the beautiful beaches on Long Island play host to many a rich family’s holidays. A little wilder than the other two locations we’ve discussed so far, The Hamptons are windswept, sand-duned, and run into the wild Atlantic Ocean. Beauty doesn’t have to be calm to be stunning.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Malaysia is a wonderful place to visit for anyone who wants to experience nature and culture at the same time, and the great thing about Langkawi is that it is quite touristy, so it doesn’t feel too alien for the first time visitor. The beaches here are also quite stunning in their own right, and Datai Bay is a true castaway experience that shouldn’t be missed.

sail-694870_1280Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

We can’t talk about beaches and not mention Hawaii! On the Big Island you will find the calm waters of Kauna’oa Bay, where beautiful white sand slips down into aquamarine waters, with palm trees overlooking the scene. This is a great spot for watersports and sunbathing, as the waters are a little calmer than some of the bigger surfing beaches around here.

What makes up your idea of a perfect beach? I dare say these suggestions are images of your thoughts.


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