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May 18, 2020, In: Travel

Summer is around the corner, and if you’ve let your beauty routine slip, now is the time to get back into it. If you’re going on holiday or planning to hang out at some of the best music festivals this year, you’ll want to look your best. We’ve got the top trends for summer 2017, so you can make sure your beauty game is strong.

Here are the top makeup, nails, and hair trends for summer 2017:

Glossy lids

While this isn’t exactly a new trend, glossy lids are coming back with a vengeance. While most people have been achieving the look with a clear lip gloss, expect to see dedicated eye glosses this year, allowing you to be on-trend without turning into a sticky-eyed mess.


Deep side parts

Choosing a super deep side part can help upgrade your look. Whether you choose a low ponytail or your hair is completely down, this is an easy to achieve look, and something a little different for work.

Chrome Nails

We all saw chrome nails last year, but they’re hair to stay. Expect to see it as a futuristic trend, although you may need regular visits to your nail technician for maintenance.

Silver ombre and ash blond hair

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ll see this trend everywhere. This is one of the most pinned looks so far this year, and we can expect to see more metallic hair colours to come. If you’re worried about going too far, you can adjust the look for a more subtle finish.


If you haven’t yet heard of microblading, you definitely will this year. This is especially popular with women who have that over-plucked look, and are waiting hopelessly for their brows to grow back. It’s a natural brow embroidery style, and your brows will be on fleek for a long time.

Easy tan options

Lying out in the sun is so 1990s. We all know that tanning is a good way to get wrinkle and skin cancer. But let’s face it- we all look nicer with a summer glow. Luckily, there are a number of easy tan options out there right now. These include the St Tropez self tan express face mask sheets. You’ll simply wear it like a normal face mask for just five minutes, and boom- you’ll have a beautiful sun-kissed face. With numerous shades to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

Sunset eyes

Sunset eyes are everywhere right now, and we can expect this trend to continue all summer long. You’ll see a number of sunset shades in everything from professional makeup kits to the new Urban Decay collection. Expect to see yellows, reds, pinks, and oranges blended together for a full look, or just one or two shades for a more subtle finish. To keep it work-friendly, try some warm brown shades with a pink or red crease.

For more amazing tips, check out the eBook by Ellisons, #ExpertsInBeauty. This book covers everything you need to know to be on-trend this summer.


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