Adventure Opportunities in Dubai

January 29, 2016, In: Travel

The most glamorous of emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is an absolute delight. The skyline of the city is adorned with alluring skyscrapers and its landscape is dotted with spectacular beaches. With perennial sunshine and exotic culture, Dubai makes a perfect travel destination. In the last few years, it has emerged as the ultimate getaway for shopping and fine dining. The adventurous side of the city, however, still remains a little unexplored. Not many realise that Dubai is the perfect place for unleashing one’s wild side. It offers about every adventure opportunity that an adrenaline enthusiast can wish for.

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If one is planning a weekend break with a group of friends for indulging in adventure sports, Dubai is the place to land up in. The city offers the best of land, air as well as water sports’ activities. Its deserts are home to some of the most dazzling sand dunes in the world making dune bashing a popular activity. Desert skiing and desert safaris are other things to do that the desert offers. For the motor lovers, dirt biking in Dubai is nothing less than perfect. The city consists of magnificent race tracks, allowing one to drive at nerve-racking speed like a pro. It also organises Formula 1 races every year attracting fans from across the world.

With islands in the shape of a palm and globe and what have you, Dubai is a man-made city. Because of the brilliant infrastructure, it consists of breathtaking drop zones for skydiving. Though skydiving here comes at a steep price, the adrenaline rush it offers is totally worth it. The same goes for bungee jumping in the city. Parasailing, kayaking, Para surfing and karting are some of the other activities that Dubai delivers best.

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A must do when in the city includes going snorkelling or deep sea diving with one’s group of friends. From lasting for a week to over the weekend, the duration depends on what suits one best. As the Gulf is home to exotic marine life, these adventures promise an unforgettable experience.

Other activities that shoot up the levels of adrenaline in thrill seekers travelling to Dubai can be found in the city’s theme parks. Although a little hard on the pocket, these places are totally worth it for people who crave adventure. With convenient travel insurance in Dubai, one can indulge in these activities with no worries in mind. The parks are ideal for spending an electrifying weekend in with one’s group of friends. Some of the most sought after theme parks in Dubai are Aqua Adventure, Wild Wadi and The Palm.


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