7 Days in Great Britain – A Train Journey Worth Taking

January 13, 2019, In: Travel

With a wide range of landscapes, multifaceted history, royal and noble families, and marvelous architecture, Great Britain is a travel magnet.  It is home to three beautiful countries – Scotland, Wales and England.

Great Britain can be an overwhelming place to travel to for first-time explorers as it is vast and there’s a lot to experience and see. Fret not! Here’s a 7-day travel itinerary to get you started.

For your 7-day trip to Britain, add London, Bath, the Cotswolds and York to your travel itinerary. Consider spending the first 3 days in Bath and the Cotswolds, 2 days in London, and 2 days in York.


Things to see in Bath – Situated in the southwest of England, Bath is famous for its Georgian architecture, museums, historical attractions, and hot springs. Do visit the Roman Baths, Jane Austen Centre, Thermae Bath Spa, Holburne Museum, and Royal Victoria Park.

Things to see in the Cotswolds – We bet the Cotswolds will end up being one of the prettiest and most charming places you have ever visited. Some of the tourist attractions include Cotswold Water Park, Hidcote Manor Garden, Batsford Arboretum, and the Chedworth Roman Villa.


Things to see in London – You can have plenty of fun by the river Thames in London. From riverside pubs to speedboat rides, perusing British art at The Tate Modern to the Tower Bridge, the River Thames is usually buzzing with activity. Squeeze in time to visit The Natural History Museum, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, and Big Ben.

Things to see in York – See vintage trains up close at the National Railway Museum, enjoy quiet time in the 19th century York Museum Gardens, take a tour inside the medieval Merchant Adventurers’ Hall and have a great time with your family in Rowntree Park.

Invest in a BritRail Pass from International Rail before you set off on your trip to travel in and around Scotland, Wales, and England freely. Train travel is not only the most economical way to travel around Great Britain, it is also the most convenient as you get access to unlimited train travel. Yes, even during peak hours and seasons!

A BritRail Flexi Pass with 8 travel days in 1 month costs only £270. You can also get an additional 20% off on BritRail England passes and travel around England in just £109, if you book tickets before 24th February 2017.



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