5 Signs you Need a New Car

July 14, 2015, In: Travel

We’ve all heard the jokes, you need a new car if hitting potholes is the only way you can make your headlights turn on. Or if the panhandlers offering to clean your car at red lights are giving you dollar bills. Or even if your teenagers decide instead of getting dropped off at school they would rather walk and get some exercise.


1. Your car Keeps Breaking Down

The biggest issue with having an older car is reliability. If you plan to leave your house and your car won’t start, or you get stranded on a dark and stormy night, you’ll soon find yourself regretting driving that junker until it died.

If you constantly have to do a “trick” to get it to start, like revving the engine, pumping the clutch, or even flickering the lights, you may want to save yourself the daily stress and invest in a car which will start easily and immediately every time.

2) It Costs a Bomb to Repair

If your car is frequently costing hundreds or thousands to repair, that money could go towards a new car. As cars get older, parts become harder to find, and most newer cars have more electronic parts.

Eventually you have to decide if you’ll continue to spend hundreds on getting your car fixed, or save yourself money and invest in a car which will last.


3) You care about the environment

Replacing your 19 year old car with a newer car is sure to help your personal carbon footprint to fall. If your car routinely leaves plumes of smoke behind it, and you think it’ll be going to the junkyard and not continuing to be driven around by someone who may not service it as often, it could b time for a greener model.

4) People can hear you coming from over a mile away

If your car has begun calling out to you with squeaky breaks, a dodgy muffler, and that weird sound which you can’t quite place, it’s time to put it out of its misery. If you’re in an older car which isn’t safe, consider what would happen if your breaks failed on the highway, or if your air bags failed to release. Safety comes first, so do yourself (and everyone else on the road) a favour, and ditch the unsafe ride.


5) Youre constantly stopping for gas

Old cars just don’t get the same fuel economy of modern ones, so if you drive a lot you could find yourself spending far too much on gas each week. You could be covering a big part of your new car repayments out of your gas bill.

Not only is this bad for the environment, but it’s bad for your wallet too. Do yourself a favour and spend that money on a nice new car.

If you spend a lot of time driving, and like to get out to the country or beaches. Consider investing in something like a 4×4 or landrover, which will give you safety and mileage.


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