5 Reasons Dublin is an Amazing Place to Live

July 10, 2018, In: Travel

Dublin is a mid-sized city with a lot of charm and while there are more than a handful incredible cities within Europe to choose from, Dublin came out on top for me for a number of reasons that I wanted to share with you today. The website www.pcapredict.com is running a campaign around #PostcodePride – talking about your favourite place in the world to live and why you’re proud to live there. I felt that I just had to write about Dublin as it’s really an incredible city that is often underrated. Read on for my top 5 reasons Dublin is an amazing place to live.

Medium Sized City with Everything You need!
1. It’s a bite-sized city that has everything you would expect from a big city in Europe, but you can easily walk across the city in 30 minutes. I love cities where having a car is optional, because it’s better for the environment, less expensive, and also makes getting settled easier if you know down the line you will get a car. When the weather is pleasant outside I love walking everywhere – from work, to the gym, so a city this size is a great fit for me.

Clean, Mild and Comfortable
2. Dublin is located near the ocean and has very few factories, meaning that the air quality is very, very clean! Something I really appreciate in a decent sized city. It’s location near the sea also fosters a mild climate that never gets too hot or cold, ensuring pleasant temperatures year round. You may also be surprised to know that it doesn’t rain too often in Dublin, which is great for those of us who get the winter blues!

3. Smoke Free Bars
After traveling through Central America and feeling sick from all the smoking in bars, I was so happy in Dublin knowing that it’s actually illegal to smoke in bars and pubs. That means you can go out for a night on the town and come home without smelling like a pack of cigarettes.

4. Great for Business
There’s a reason that many of the biggest companies in the world have set up their main offices in Dublin. There’s a number of tax benefits as well, which is why Google and Airbnb and many other big companies are operating out of Ireland. This means there’s a lot of great business opportunities as well as a very entrepreneurial feel to Dublin.
5. Cheap Flights
Because Dublin is a capital city, even though it may have more of a second-city feel, it means that it is the main hub for travel from Ireland to Europe and beyond. This means you can always find great flight deals if you want to take a trip. As someone who loves travel, this is a huge win for me.

Have you ever lived or traveled to Dublin? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.


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