3 Fun Ways to Navigate Major Cities

August 20, 2015, In: Travel

Exploring new cities and learning about other cultures is exciting and rewarding, but navigating delayed flights and figuring out public transport systems can be a dampener. While buses and subway stations can be a nightmare, there are more hellish methods of transport. In fact, it’s pretty safe to assume that if you’ve ever boarded a jam-packed overnight sleeper train or feared for your safety while hurtling at speed in a taxi, you’re probably eager to avoid repeating the experience.

Thankfully, there are other methods of getting around. Of course, if you’ve got extensive travel ambitions you’ll still have long haul flights to contend with, but at least you can forget trying to navigate public transport. Instead, take a look at these fun alternatives.


Your Own Wheels

When taking charge of your own transport, the most common option tends to be hiring a moped or motorbike. But if you don’t want to brave the traffic or aren’t competent on two wheels, then consider packing your own before you leave. While a penny skateboard or longboard might not be a regularly featured item on essential packing lists, it can be incredibly useful for getting around busy cities. You can also buy a specially adapted backpack, so you can store it away when it’s not in use.

Alternatively, if skateboards aren’t your thing, then you could pack a pair of rollerblades, retractable roller shoes or even buy an electric board.


Head for the Clouds

Sometimes there’s no better way to see everything than by getting a birds-eye view. But unless you’ve developed super powers or are lucky enough to own a jetpack, you’ll have to consider alternative methods. Thankfully in many cities across the globe, there are a number of fun ways to see the sights from the air. Sit back and relax as you enjoy the views in Germany with a cable car over the Rhine, be more adventurous and take a private hot air balloon tour in Dubai, or if you consider yourself an adrenaline junky then there’s always skydiving.


Take to the Water

Many of the world’s most popular, vibrant and picturesque cities feature waterways. From Paris and Stockholm to Bruges and Alappuzha, there are famous canals and rivers offering slightly unusual forms of transport. While you could choose from gondolas, ferries and touring boats, there are a wide range of other options. Hire an aptly named ‘hottug’ in London and soak in a hot tub as you travel along the Thames, cook up a storm and enjoy a feast with a barbeque boat in Australia, or spend the day cycling the water on a hydro bike in Florida.


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