What Do People Want From Your Online Marketing of Your New Business Website?

February 20, 2017, In: Tech

The primary goal of online marketing is to inform others a brand exists. Whether this is an individual or a manufacturer, a presence on the Internet makes a profound difference in overall success. As a result, many will put in the effort to boost strategies that center around online marketing.

From the moment a person chooses web hosting, he or she is committing to promoting something. This could be information, products or services. Regardless of the purpose, the point is to attract attention to the website.

Below are some of the things people want from an online marketing platform regardless of the business practice. It’s not always about getting cheaper deals or signing up for discount products.


To Be Engaged

First and foremost, people want to be engaged. Whether it’s through text on a website or through an entertaining video, keeping their focus should be every developer’s goal. This can be done in a myriad of different ways. However, there is more to it than just developing amazing content.

Search engine optimization means nothing if the target audience does not feel the website has high-quality material. Because of how important the user experience has become over the years, search engines such as Google have put in a lot of effort to filter out poor websites. In a sense, it has become more of a popularity contest of sorts.

So, how does one create this high-quality content that people go nuts over? By:

  • Keeping the language easy to read.
  • Being as informative as possible.
  • Taking a unique approach to a common topic.
  • Making good use of bullet points and headers.
  • Understanding the target audience and knowing what they are looking for.

Engaging an audience takes more than merely showing a price on a product or throwing up a coupon. It can involve many other methods ranging from interesting graphics and photos to well-developed video content. In a way, it’s like offering entertainment of some kind to the masses.

To Be Informed

One of the most important aspects to good marketing is making sure the target audience is informed. People value information, which is why most of them take to the Internet in the first place. How often do people use the term, “Google it?” Providing answers to questions is part of developing an online presence.

One method that many people use to find information is by searching for topics in social media. In fact, information often goes viral on this platform whether it’s true or false. People love to share pertinent facts they feel are engaging. By promoting the brand through channels such as Facebook and Twitter, it’s possible to reach thousands of people in a very short amount of time.

Being able to cite facts or otherwise prove information is going to be a very important aspect in the future. Marketing a brand is no different as truthful information will be pivotal in the reputation of the business.

It can take a great deal of research to identify what people are looking for in any specific industry. This often requires using trend monitoring tools and keeping an eye on the news. The purpose is to give the visitor a new spin on the information he or she is looking for.


To Share in the Experience

Marketing today needs to involve more of a “sharing” element. After connecting with an audience, they need to feel like they matter to the brand. This can come in a variety of ways, and all have potential to be exceptionally worthwhile.

Here are just a few that promote a better consumer experience:

  • Engaging on Social Media
    Sharing content on sites like Facebook is only part of the experience for consumers. Responding to comments, questions and concerns on these platforms is vastly important. It makes the user feel as though his or her voice is heard. Being more approachable builds trust, which then fuels business relations.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    One way a lot of businesses share with their consumers is through affiliate marketing. This is when the business offers a share of sales generated by someone else. In essence, the company turns their patrons into marketing agents without spending a dime up front.
  • Business Profile Posts
    People love the idea of learning something new about a business. This is why many companies will post regular updates and information regarding products, services or internal information. It’s like getting an update from a friend regarding how he or she is doing.

To Have the Inside Track

Online marketing often involves giving people the sense that they belong to an exclusive club. For example, a lot of businesses will invest in email marketing platforms of some kind. By offering exclusive information only available through these emails, many people opt-in to receive them. That’s because of the sensation of belonging to some kind of “secret society.”

While sharing information in content or on social media is powerful for engaging the audience, not everything needs to be posted. Saving some of the more juicy content for emails has potential to be very powerful for creating a mailing list. Because statistics show that email is still an exceptional method for boosting income, this method of marketing is often on the forefront of strategies.

Email isn’t the only way to give the “inside track,” either. Many website developers will create a social element where registered users are the only ones with access to certain materials. Again, this creates an email list while making people feel like they are part of something special.

For instance, many web hosting platforms that use WordPress can simply install a plugin to create this social network presence.

It’s All About the User Experience…

Studies show that most people on the Internet want to have more of an interactive experience. While the right web hosting platform can provide the foundation of this experience, it’s up to the owner to deliver. The more engaged and connected people become to a brand, the more likely they will purchase goods and/or services. Boost the site’s potential by giving the general populace what they want…interaction.



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