These are the top tech trends of 2018

May 25, 2018, In: Tech

Technology continues to change the world, and 2018 is no different. Here are some of the top tech trends of 2018:

Convertible laptops and tablets

Simple laptops and tablets with touch tech are gradually being replaced by convertible devices with traditional interfaces. Some convertible laptops have keyboards that detach or fold behind the devices. These offer a much higher amount of functionality and we can expect to see more of them going forward.


Smart devices

More people than ever are introducing smart devices into their home. These include Amazon’s Alexa, although this year we’re also seeing competition heating up with products that can connect to Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Echo. Artificial intelligence is already infiltrating a number of these devices meaning everything is becoming “smarter”, with smarter vehicles, smarter products, smarter tech solutions, smarter goods, and smarter cities.

Live Streams

We’re now seeing more and more apps and websites offering sports live streams and tech live streams. Consumers are all about seeing things live, and are no longer happy to wait and watch to see a recorded version on YouTube. As more businesses use Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to connect with customers, this will continue to become more popular.

5G Technology

WIth high computing power and blazingly fast speeds, 5G is going to completely change the world. The Internet of Things will rely on the speed and support of 5G, which will allow users to download at multigigabit rates. Many believe that 5G will allow autonomous drones an cars to finally be pushed into the public sphere, since it will be 100 times faster than 4g.

Facial Recognition

We’ve already seen facial recognition software become hugely popular due to the iPhone X, but this technology will soon be improving security from everything from mobile devices to standard video systems. China is already using the tech in a number of applications.

Virtual reality

VR is now becoming more mainstream, as companies move into a variety of different price points. For example, Oculus Go by Facebook is just a couple hundred bucks, and numerous other brands are beginning to compete at a lower price point as well.

Wireless Charging

While we’re living in a digital world, we’ve all been leashed by our charging cords. Now though, wireless charging is on the way, with brands like Energous and Powercast coming up with charges that will power devices over the air.


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