Optimizing Online Marketing Campaign Through Instagram

August 2, 2017, In: Tech


By Paul K.

The use of Instagram has skyrocketed with the platform becoming a perfect opportunity for brands and photos getting their target audiences in real time in most cases. Right pictures and tactics enhance stronger Instagram presence for brand posts than on other social media platforms, Facebook or Twitter. With the right people(influencers) who are real drivers of action not, just awareness creators will increase online traffic enhancing social media exposure for your brand.  Real influencers should be passionate about your product or service. The inspiration must be to get as much content generated from happy customers live in cyber space as possible. There are definite ways that will optimize Instagram to achieve your marketing goals;

Creating Engagement Through Contests

Photo and video contests have become popular on Instagram. Companies can easily ask users undertake video contest with www.easypromosapp.com through a hashtag for the contest by tagging their videos. This is an easier way to search through the videos or other captions, ballot for their favourites and subsequently pick the winner.

Keeping Your Online Personality Intact

It’s imperative to be consistent regardless of the social media platform you’re working on. Instagram is a visual platform, and you must ensure that people can easily recognize the online voice and even emotions your brand elicits. Watermarks are carriers of brand’s presence across platforms when kept pretty simple with consistent colour palettes.

Rewarding Followers with Promo Codes

This is one best way to squeeze out customer-generated content from customers who are in love with your brand. It makes your audience air more of their needs and keeps them engaged, excited, and maintaining consistent content always records increase of followers. It’s always prudent to think the relevancy of promo codes to the audience before adding them. Creativity and uniqueness are essential for followers to offer worth appreciation of the codes.

Using Hashtags for Listening and Reach

Hashtags are pretty much a staple for Instagram and will promote your brand, help you keep track of mentions and connects. The greatest brand advocates are the customers. You can encourage your followers to use the most relevant hashtags in uploading their photos while using your product for your brand. Brand- specific hashtags will propel you and be ahead of your competitors.

It’s fair to include some reviews of your own showcasing your brand values while highlighting your customer’s experience.

Best ways to Appreciate Loyalty of Your Brand Users

Loyal customers are the building blocks of any business, and their acknowledgment is a great deal.

You don’t need to be extravagant in acknowledging your loyal users, but you need to personalize to give it a sense of sincerity. This may be through a direct message or a public call-out being clear what you appreciate them for. This makes them have a positive perspective of your product or service and an impression about you as a caring.

Regular recognition of loyal users of your brand gives them an opportunity to connect and refer other like-minded people. Trying ‘’Fan of the Week or Month’’ and leaving a note of the reason for their appreciation will a cause a circulation of your brand as they circulate their names.



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