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November 24, 2014, In: Tech

Technology moves so fast that it’s hard to keep up with it. One minute you think you’ve got the most up to date phone on the market, and then two weeks later another one comes out which is better and packed with more features, and you’re out of date already. It’s impossible to remain at the top of the market in terms of up to date technology, but you can make sure you’re investing in the kinds of tech equipment which makes your life easier; after all, isn’t that the whole point of it?

Over the last few years there have been major technological advancements in terms of big pieces of equipment which we now deem as second nature, something we don’t intend on living without. Whilst tweaks happen to these pieces of equipment all the time, with a new model coming out yearly, or even six monthly, the basic aim is the same – technology which makes life that little bit less hassle on a daily basis.

Here’s a few advancements over recent years which you should certainly have in your life in some guise.

kindle-381242_1280Ebook reader

Whether you call it a Kindle, Nook, or some other variation on the theme, an ebook reader basically means you don’t need to carry around heavy books in your bag, and especially if you’re going away on a journey, this is a major lifesaver. You can store thousands of books in your ebook memory and it won’t weigh any heavier if you cram in as many books as you can. If you’re still a book lover, as in you like the feel of a paperback, then you might be on the fence about this, but more and more people are being converted over every day.


Once upon a time we needed a laptop to be able to go on the internet, or a desktop computer, and sitting watching TV whilst perusing the internet was a difficult business, with an overheating laptop perched perilously on our knee. Nowadays we have a tablet to do the hard work for us, so one hand holds the tablet, and the other holds a cup of coffee in total comfort! Whether you go for an iPad or a different make, sizes vary, and you simply go for a memory and overall size of your choice.


iPhones or Android phones have taken over the world quite literally, and there isn’t a lot they can’t do. Watch films, TV, listen to music, take high quality photos which have taken over the need to own a separate digital camera, create emails, receive emails, make phone calls, texts, read books … the list is endless, and you’re probably one of those people who wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they actually lost their phone.

These might be obvious technological advancements that you use every single day, but you might not give much thought to their overall importance in terms of how easy they make your life on the whole.


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