Is it Time to Buy a New Car?

July 17, 2015, In: Tech

It’s common to put off the buying of a new car. Cars can be expensive, and buying a car is one of the biggest purchases you will usually make.

However you’ll probably eventually be forced to admit that you need to upgrade. Here are some ways you’ll know it’s time to buy a new car:


Repairing it Almost Bankrupts you

If you have an older car, you may find that parts are becoming increasingly harder to find, as newer cars rely on better technology and more electronic and computerised parts. You may find that if it’s costing you thousands of dollars to simply repair your car, and that money could be invested towards a car which won’t cost so much in the unlikely event that you need it to be fixed.

Its getting embarrassing

If you find that your kids don’t want to ride with you, even in the middle of winter, and they volunteer to wait outside, and down the block when you’re ready to pick them up, it could be a sign that your car is far older than they are.

If people can hear you coming down the street, and your car is barely safe enough to be on the road, you may want to think about investing in the safety of you and your family, and getting rid of the clunker.


It keeps breaking down

One thing we need from our cars is for them to be reliable. And you know that if your car is going to refuse to start, it’s likely to be around the same time that you have a date, a job interview, or a special occasion.

This can also be a safety issue as well. If your car dies in the middle of the road, or when you’re out of cellphone service or it’s 3am in the morning, you could find yourself in a nasty situation.

If you choose to purchase a new car, you’ll find that you’re really choosing to buy peace of mind for yourself, get rid of the stress, and finish wondering whether your car will start or not.

You want to reduce your environmental footprint

We all want to do a little more to help out the environment, and taking your clunker off the road is a great way to make a difference. However be sure to scrap it if you can, so you won’t be adding to the pollution by letting it be driven around by another person.



Its a gas guzzler

If you’re spending a bomb on gas each week, that money could be going towards a new car. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it doesn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on gas when you could be putting that towards repayments on a new, clean car, which takes far less gas to fill.

Work out the difference in gas mileage between the car you would consider upgrading to, and your current car, and ask yourself what you would rather put that money towards. If your’e interested in a new car, consider checking out this Volvo XC60 T5 review




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