Innovative Christmas Gifts That Teens Will Love

October 14, 2015, In: Tech

Teens can often be among the hardest people to buy for, as their tastes change so fast! When they were younger, there was a whole world of toys and games they loved, but as teenagers, it can be pretty hard to know what they are into, and there is always that worry that what you have chosen might be, in their opinions, a bit lame.

For teens, often the best thing to do is get something hi-tech. Teenagers tend to have an affinity with technology, and love anything that keeps them better connected with their friends and their media. With that in mind, here are some ideas of innovative technological things the teens in your life will love this Christmas:

Balance Boards and Swagways

Balance boards and the new ‘Swagways’ are really popular these days, with even celebrities seen gliding around on them. They’re safe, they look cool, and they also make it easy to get around when your poor teen legs are tired! Check out for a great choice of the latest balance boards and Swagways, and find a colour and style your teen will love.


Video Games

It may not be that new a concept to buy video games for teens, but it can be hard to know what the latest releases are for their console of choice. If your teen has an Xbox One or a PS4, chances are they have Fallout 4 on their wish list. Released in early November, this much hyped game is the 5th (yes, that’s right, Fallout 4 is the 5th) game in the hugely popular post apocalyptic roleplaying game franchise, and is out just in time to make the perfect Christmas gift for a teen who loves gaming.

Video Game Accessories

New games themselves are not the only way to surprise and delight a teen gamer. You can also look at accessories that will make their console playing experience more immersive. You may want to consider a really good headset, with noise cancelling headphones that put them right in the game, and, if they like playing online, a microphone that lets them live chat with the people they play with. A gaming chair can also be a good choice – these are designed to not only offer great comfort for long playing sessions, but also to give feedback such as ‘rumbling’ from the game itself, making playing way more of a full experience.


Apple Watch

If your teen is a fan of Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, then the Apple Watch could be the very thing they’d most like to find under the Christmas tree. With a lot of the functionality of Apple’s other mobile products, this unique wearable is certain to make them the envy of their friends, and may also help them stay a bit more organised!

If you want to choose something that a teenager will really love to unwrap on Christmas Day, then any of these hi-tech presents are sure to have the right effect!


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