How To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

October 13, 2016, In: Tech

While more and more companies are turning to social media to provide themselves with valuable assistance with their marketing campaigns, e-mail marketing is still as useful as it ever was. Once a company has put the proper e-mail list validator in place (a crucial first step), for instance, they can follow these helpful tips that are designed to boost sales and keep earnings rolling in.

Workshop Your Subject Lines

In many instances, the subject line determines whether the recipient will even bother to open your correspondence. Subject lines should utilize brevity, while still remaining clever and informative. A variety of e-mail marketing services recognize the importance of testing out numerous subject lines and they allow companies to send separate versions of the same e-mail, so that a multitude of subject lines can be tested for their effectiveness.


Keep Things Personalized

The last thing that any e-mail recipient wants is to feel like they are just another name on your company’s checklist. People know when they are being pandered to and they know when a company is merely trying to court their business. Collect as much information about your recipients as possible, so that you are able to personalize your correspondences with them and make them feel special. Little details go a long way when you’re trying to endear yourself to potential clients.

Keep Text Minimal

Put yourself in the shoes of the recipient for a moment. When you open an e-mail that is nothing more than a massive wall of text, does it inspire you to read on or does it cause your eyes to glaze over immediately? Since you already know the answer to that question, it is crucial for you to remember this fact when you are writing an e-mail for your company’s marketing campaign. Keep the amount of text used to a minimum and use relevant images to hold the audience’s attention.


Optimize Your Calls to Action

The call to action is arguably the most pivotal aspect of your e-mail, as it often determines whether the recipient is willing to head to your website to learn more about the goods and services that you are providing. They are likely to open the e-mail, give it a good once over and look for the information that truly matters. A short message that includes a compelling call to action is your best possible bet.

Include a Social Share Button

According to a number of statistics, an e-mail that comes with some sort social sharing button is far more likely to be read than one that does not. By including a method for your reader to share the message with their followers on social media and providing them with a way to follow you, you can increase your connection with your prospective client base.


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