How Augmented Reality can Make our Lives Even Easier

June 16, 2016, In: Tech

Smartphones are good for a bunch of things. Aside from helping us keep in touch with our friends, through social media and the more “traditional” ways, they are invaluable as companions on the road, as reminders or calendars. They can chase boredom away. We can use them as portable entertainment hubs, having everything from our favorite tunes to the best real money online casino games at hand. They are already essential – but with the advancements of technology they can become even more useful.

Have you seen the movie “The Adventures of Pluto Nash”? It was a forgettable Eddie Murphy science fiction comedy, with lots of action, robots and some tired jokes here and there. But it had a scene I will never forget: the one with Pluto and Dina (played by the amazing Rosario Dawson) visit a plastic surgeon as part of their ongoing investigation. While there, they view a few options for body modification in an augmented mirror, which projects their heads on top of various body options they can choose.

Today’s smartphones could do something similar with the use of augmented reality. The technology is not new, it has been used for various things – like giving directions to various venues by projecting their location on the picture the phone’s camera sees. But they could also act as a quick and easy – and most importantly pocket-sized – help to try out new looks, colors and makeup.

Just imagine not having to go through a whole lot of trial and error when looking for a new shade of lipstick. You could simply scan a QR code printed on the package, or a catalog for that matter, and let an app virtually apply the new color to your lips. You can use the phone as a high-tech compact mirror, and it could help you decide quickly if a shade looks good on you or not. The same augmented reality could also help you try out alternative hair colors, various shades of makeup, and even optical frames, to decide which style suits you better – all this without even having to walk to a shop.

On a larger scale, this technology could even eliminate the need for fitting rooms in shops. You could simply punch in or scan the label on the dress you fancy, stand in front of the intelligent mirror and let it apply the dress to your body. This way you could get rid of waiting in line in front of the fitting room, and wasting a lot of time repeatedly undressing and dressing inside.


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