Has playing online closed the gender divide in casino gaming?

November 26, 2015, In: Tech

Men and women do lots of things in life differently, and one area where that’s always been the case is in their choice of casino games. At a land-based casino, the table games have always been more of a male preserve, whereas the women have tended to gravitate towards playing the slots machines.

Online casino gaming has less of a gender bias

Now that online casino gaming sites such as bgo casino, Royal Panda and Bovada have become so popular, though, it seems that the gender divide on gaming choice has narrowed, with women choosing to mix games such as blackjack and poker in with slots – and men deciding to play slots more often than they would in a land-based casino.

The reasons behind the land-based gender divide


Would you hesitate to join a table game in a land-based casino?

Psychologists have often cited the need for men to be able to exercise dominance over their rivals and this is more feasible in a game of skill and strategy such as poker and blackjack than on a solo player game like a slot. Men also tend to be drawn towards the thrill factor of high stakes games of chance such as roulette or craps in physical casinos.

On the other hand, the female approach to casino gambling is often with entertainment being the primary goal, alongside the ability to interact with others. So, sitting playing slots or other games of chance that require less of their attention was always an attractive option for women in a land-based casino as they could chat to a player on the next machine.


Perhaps another factor of women not choosing to play table games in a land-based casino was the wariness of feeling too much under observation at a table game, especially if it was a game that they did not feel familiar with. However, that’s probably true for men who were unfamiliar with a table game, too. No-one likes to look as if they don’t know what they’re doing, after all.

What’s provoked the change online?

Now that everyone can play online whenever they feel like it, there’s been a shift in what the sexes want to play. Today, it’s far more common for both sexes to play both the traditional table games such as blackjack, poker, craps and roulette as well as everyone enjoying slots. 

Many of the online slots are designed to appeal to the male audience as much as the female audience – with games themed around superheroes like Ironman or film characters such as the Terminator. If you look at the most popular slot game titles on bgo, for example, it’s immediately obvious what a wide range of themes there are. There is a range from story-based titles such as Big Bad Wolf and Ruby Slippers through to more macho titles such as Gladiator and Zeus 1000, along with plenty of games that would have equal appeal to women and men, like Starburst, the X Factor and Wheel of Fortune. Of course, for many players, the theme is less important than the amazing prizes that are up for grabs. To use the bgo example again, earlier this year, one lucky player won £3.78 million playing the progressive slot Beach Life! With that kind of win even a mere possibility, it’s no wonder that progressive online slots have become so popular.

An increased interest in table games could well be connected to the removal of any sense of an intimidation factor thanks to the anonymity of playing online. This point could be as applicable to both women and men, and it’s sure that many millions of people who might never have approached a physical game of poker will have tried the online versions of the game because they feel more comfortable behind a computer screen.

Another factor that could account for more women playing casino games online is that it’s so much easier and convenient to play this way. You can play online for just five minutes at a time. So, while a woman might not be ready to dedicate a whole evening or weekend to going to a land-based casino, logging in to an online platform for a few minutes to simply try out some different games is a different story.

None of us should worry about what anyone else is playing, of course, whatever sex we are. The main thing is that we each choose the games we enjoy the most and, if we’re playing for real money, we adhere to the golden rule of sensible gambling.


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