Can Online Retailers learn from the success of big retailers?

January 17, 2018, In: Tech

These days, smart businesses realise that the way to stay relevant and competitive within the current market is to provide an online shopping presence. But simply providing your customers the option of online shopping is not enough to win the hearts of consumers as other businesses also offer the same option. If you want consumers to actually patronise your online store, you need to make sure your platform is one that appeals to shoppers and makes them want to spend. And if you have so far been unable to accomplish this, then it is time to emulate some of the strategies that some of the world’s biggest retailers are using to stay competitive and successful.

To take your online business to the next level, consider implementing some of the following strategies that big retailers have been using for years to remain standout and successful brands.

  1. Faster loading page speeds

Online shoppers are far more impatient than in-store shoppers. According to research, the average online shoppers is willing to spend no more than 3 seconds waiting for a page to load. Big retailers have realised this ad have thus ensured that their customers can reach a variety of pages on their website as fast as possible. According to usability experts, the suggested page load time for your website should be two seconds or less in order to guarantee that your customers remain engaged and satisfied.


  1. Giving shoppers a personalized shopping experience

Big retailers offer a variety options that guarantees a shopper’s satisfactory shopping experience and one of such features is a personalised shopping experience. A personalised shopping experience makes sure that shoppers can view a selection of products that best tally with what they typically search for. To accomplish this, you’ll need to make use of customer data to identify probable customer preferences and then suggest it to shoppers. This can improve customer engagement and thus lead shoppers to products on your website that they might actually be interested in and thus improve your average order value.

  1. Dependability

One way big retailers win over clients is by proving to them that they are dependable. This can be by showing that they can be trusted when it comes to lowest prices, or best products, or some other feature. Your business should offer similar dependability in order to win the trust and thus the patronage of your target market. One way big retailers remain dependable is by taking advantage of insurance to safeguard their business operations.

  1. Make searching your store more convenient

The easier and faster it is to search your store for desired products, the more chance there is of customers finding products to patronise. Big retailers realise this and take advantage of it to boost customer experience. You should be doing the same.

Big retailers have been able to achieve their success by applying the aforementioned and you too can attain greater success in your online business by doing same.


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