Buying Your First Motorbike

August 20, 2015, In: Tech

There’s a perception that motorbikes are just for men, but as powerful, strong and robust machines, they’re every bit as suited to women. In fact, there’s a growing trend in female bike ownership, as 1 in 4 motorbike riders in the US are women.

Whether for leisure or sport, motorbikes should be enjoyed regardless of gender. And as a 68 year old racer and these vintage photographs of female riders show, regardless of age.

So, if you’re considering joining the growing trend but aren’t sure where to start, here’s some advice to mull over when buying your first motorbike.


Try Before You Buy

It’s standard advice but it’s even more important when it comes to buying a motorbike. With any bike you need to be able to support its weight and comfortably place both of your feet flat on the ground. So depending on your height and frame, you’ll find that different models work better for you. Also bear in mind that every bike feels completely different when in motion and stationary, so always aim to take it out for a test drive if possible

As well as trying out your bike, you’ll also need to decide between new and used options. If you decide the latter, you’ll get more for your money, but as a novice you may be unsure of what to look for. Always make sure you carry out thorough checks to ensure you’re buying a quality bike.


Protective Gear

When you’re exposed to the elements and travelling at speed, you need protective clothing. Thankfully for the fashion conscious, there are loads of styles, cuts and colours to choose from, all suiting a range of budgets.

In terms of what to buy, make sure you cover all bases by purchasing a helmet, boots (you need shoes with good traction), trousers, a jacket and gloves. It’s imperative that your helmet fits properly and doesn’t move around when worn, but don’t choose one that cuts off your circulation! If your bike will be your main form of transport, you could also consider rain gear and waterproof luggage.


Documents, Training and Legal Cover

First things first, before you start riding you’ll need to take lessons and pass your motorbike test. Your training will cover all aspects, from pulling away and changing gears to control and manoeuvres.

In terms of cover, you’ll need to arrange insurance. Motorbike insurance works in much and such the same way as car insurance, divided into third party, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive policies. But depending on your needs, make sure to check your policy’s rule on carrying passengers, towing and sidecars. It’s also advisable to get motorbike breakdown cover, just in case.


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