Behind The Scenes Of Online Ticket Sales – Why Can’t I Buy That Ticket?

December 21, 2016, In: Tech

What happens inside massive ticket reseller sites? Why is it sometimes a real pain to get the show ticket you desire? Let’s have a sneak peek to find out.

The Backstage Of Online Concert Merchant Sites: What Happened To My Ticket?

Why are tickets sold out so quickly? Say you want to book a seat at a Twenty One Pilots show and suddenly they are all out quickly. How’d that happen? I mean the band is popular and all but it’s not possible that thousands of fans have logged in simultaneously to get into the show of their lifetime, right? Even they can’t book and purchase at the speed of light!

If only there were more sites like out there to save the day. Sites that offer fair and transparent services and extraordinary customer support. Alas, not everyone can afford this level of fair and transparent play as dedication to customers often tends to bring less, especially to smaller companies on the market.

Why are we constantly out of tickets?

Imagine the situation – you want to go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers show, tickets will be released today at 9AM. You are prepped. You have not closed an eye for the night in advance. Yu are already credit card armed and then whoop – its 9:01 and the tickets are all gone. How? Who bought out an entire 10K+ arena in less than 60 seconds?

You can press the “best available” button for all you won’t but it can’t change bitter reality – the show I past you. Or is it?

Pre-sales stage

Did you know that by the time tickets go live most of them are already sold out? It wasn’t an entire arena open at 9AM, but a tiny bitsy share of it. A lot of subscribers to particular services or premium credit card owners got this deal in three days in advance. It’s just a part of their standard package.

Additionally there are dedicated fan clubs. These people are also granted access to the virtual ticket booth in advance. Here is a fine example – there was a One Direction show in 2016 and 64% of the tickets were either held back from the initial bid or sold in advance to particular groups of people.

The situation with Justin Bieber is even worse: 92% of all the tickets were held and sold to particular groups of pre-determined people. Here’s the simple math for you – out of 12.000 seats only 940 were available when the official sales kicked off.

Transparency is of the essence!

We are not seeing who gets the lion’s share of concert tickets right now. Perhaps this is an artificially created hype to surround the concert with more excitement and anticipation? Perhaps the whole phenomenon is done to re-sell the tickets later on at a higher prices when people are desperate enough to pay several hundred dollars more?

Sadly we do not know the answer and there hasn’t been an artist to comment on this happening as well. We, at TicketCrab stand against this injustice and that’s why our users always get notifications about the availability of preferred show tickets in advance. The price tags are always original, we don’t spin them up.  We give the small man an equal chance to compete with the larger threat and we are proud of what we do.


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