5 Inspiring Templates for Your New Blog

March 13, 2019, In: Tech

When you’re looking to start a blog, it can be pretty overwhelming to try and find a template that encapsulates what it is you’re trying to communicate with your site and its content. It can be tricky to sum up all that you are in one website template, but that’s exactly what we have to do when we choose a template for our blog. If you’re going to have to choose a template for your blog, why not go big and find the most inspiring one that you can find? You’ll have a great template and you’ll be inspired every time you sit down to write a blog post.

In this post, we’re going to look at five of the most inspiring templates that you can get for your new blog.

1) Cytocean at OS Templates

This one has a gorgeous flat design that’s dark and works well with computers and with mobile. The darkness of its fonts and other miscellanea would make it perfect for a business environment. After changing some of the images and making a number of other changes, this template could fit just about any setting while still remaining inspiring.

One of the clever things about this template is that it handles all of the text in a sidebar. The colors aren’t too light which can affect how people enjoy the content, and the sans-serif font looks great. It’s also easy to find links with the contrasting orange color.

The sub-menus and drop-down lists have a fade in and fade out effect that’s quite lovely. The opacity of these menus is set so that you can see through them, but not in a way that impedes viewability. This theme handles the comment section well and isn’t distracting at all. The navigation of the template makes it feel professional.


2) Vegetarian Restaurant at Wix

It’s important not to let the name fool you with this one. Although it was built with the food services industry in mind, it can be retooled to handle just about any other need. After customizing some of the graphics and colors, this would be a fine theme to consider.

What makes this theme so exceptional is the overall layout for both mobile and desktop applications. In the mobile app, the theme will eliminate all material that’s nonessential for ease of use. For instance, several of the images that show up in the desktop version are pruned for the mobile version because of them being nonessential.

The only downside to this theme is the default colors for links and text that you can choose from. They tend to be on the lighter side, which makes it harder to read. However, this can be changed by going into the CSS of the template and changing the hexadecimal color palette.

3) Intense at Templates.com

This template is just what its name describes. It gives a more interactive layout for those who are into that sort of thing. It uses a bootstrap system with interactive imagery and moving graphics. It’s truly a work of art. The platform is capable of handling all kinds of needs with its being loaded with features.

The image gallery is very streamlined and would best suit those who are looking to show off photographs. It can be aligned in a variety of ways, which will allow users to create a site that’s appealing and elegant.

It’s loaded with plenty of default pages as well as components like buttons and built-in blogging. Intense gets rid of a lot of the hard work that goes into building a website. The template is even capable of setting up a system of infographics that can further help the user. Floating images, drop caps, and formatting are only a small amount of features that this excellent theme offers up.

4) Law Firm at Free Website Templates

Law Firm doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles that you’d see in a template such as the previous one we looked at. However, it does have a professional look to it that can be useful in just about any environment. It’s simple in design and has legible fonts and a good color scheme.

Whether this is for a freelancer or a corporate entity, this template is a good choice because of its simplistic design. The basic layout and design of this website template would also make it perfect for a small business that needs to make a good presence for themselves on the Internet.

This template comes with everything you need to customize the graphics and colors that are in this template. It also has an integrated contact form that’s easy to manage and has useful information for visitors.

Although it was designed for simplistic law firms, it can be customized to suit any design.

5) Green Tech

This was meant for eco-friendly topics, but it still can have a great deal of use for other subjects too. Just because it started as an eco-friendly design doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. It has a variety of other uses outside of that realm.

It has a built-in post galley. Using a carousel design, the posts can be set to move by user input. This is based on the built-in blog.

Another interesting aspect is how it’s built for product services and sales. Users can select different categories while seeing everything in an attractive grid layout. The contact form is also very professional.

When you start a blog, it can be difficult to figure out just what theme you should go with. There are plenty of themes out there, but not all of them will be appropriate for what you are trying to do. As a result, you need to break these themes down into their composite parts in order to see just which one you should go with. Once you do make the choice that will work for you, you’ll have a website that is crisp and ready to present.


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