2019 trends in blogs, social media, and SEO

December 28, 2019, In: Tech

Hoping to step up your inbound marketing in 2019? If so, it’s key to stay up to date with trends and new opportunities. Here are some of the top 2019 trends in blogs, social media, and SEO you should know about:

More prevalent local SEO

Sure, local SEO isn’t a new trend, but the continuing rise towards mobile will make it even more prevalent. This is particularly true for businesses, who will need to be on the first page of the search results and using geo-targeted ads if they want to increase their customers.

If you haven’t yet claimed your business on Google, you’re leaving money on the table. You should also post your address on your business website and make sure it’s also on all of your social media accounts.


Search intent

Keywords are set to become less important in the next few years, and search intent will instead be highlighted. We can expect to see different results based on what our intentions are with that search. For example, a navigational search would be if you were to type in “Bank of America login” or “CNN.” An informational search is obviously when you’re looking for specific information e.g. “Pregnancy symptoms” or “Chicago house prices.” And transactional searches are when you’re intending to perform a specific activity over the web- e.g. “Travel insurance quotes” “Subscribe to BBC.”

Businesses like click.co.uk will combine smart organic search strategies with this search intent to ensure your SEO results are on point.

Even more ‘live’

While live video has now been around for some time, we can expect it to become even more popular across Instagram and Facebook in 2019. This represents a key opportunity for you to engage with your customers and leads, and strengthen the relationship between your brand and your followers.

When you ‘go live’, you’re benefiting from the authenticity of showing up in front of your customers, which helps you to build loyalty and trust.

A switch from text to visual

In 2019, we can expect to see a continuation of the switch from text content to video content. By ensuring you’re using video, you’ll be able to increase engagement with your audience and provide them with different ways to learn about your business. No longer will brands be able to stand out with text-only content- an investment in video is crucial in 2019.


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