14 Free Design Resources Websites to Inspire Your New Blog

April 13, 2017, In: Tech

Planning to make a website but need help with the design process? There are many web design resources that can help you with the tools, templates, vectors and anything else you need for your project. If you’re new to design, you owe it to yourself to check out these resources before you even start to make a website. These resources will give you a head start and steer you in the right creative direction.

1. Coffee Cup
Coffee Cup offers a large list of software tools that you’re going to need whether you plan on building an eCommerce site or a simple blog. You’ll find everything from form builders, picture converters, eCommerce design tools, to HTML editors.

2. Canva
It’s not easy editing images as a beginner nor is it easy to afford those expensive graphic design programs. Fortunately, Canva is a free graphic design that is created with beginners in mind. Using Canva, you’ll be able to design professional quality graphics in no time.

3. Negative Space
Purchasing stock photos can be expensive. Fortunately, Negative Space offers thousands of high quality stock photos for free. Many of their images look like real life photos as opposed to photos that are designed to be taken for stock photo usage.
Source: https://www.negativespace.co/

4. Pixeden
Every website needs icons whether it’s social buttons, graphical cues, graphical buttons or icons for their mobile site. Pixeden offers a wide variety of free icons that you can use from tab bar icons, flat design icons, social icons, to eCommerce icons.

5. Google Fonts
The right font can make all the difference. You can’t forget that your font has a direct impact on the readability of your site and content. Google Font is a free resource from Google that allows you discover unique fonts and find the font that’s right for your site.

6. Google’s Official Web Fundamentals Guide
If you intend on using SEO in your marketing strategy, you need a technical guide for building your site. Google outlines the fundamentals you need. You’ll learn about site architecture, loading times, security, UI design, and even monetization.

7. W3Schools
W3Schools is one of the most trusted resources for learning code. You’ll learn how to code HTML, Javascript, CSS and more with their extensive step-by-step guides.

8. Behance
If you’re in need of inspiration, Behance is the perfect place to go. Behance features some of the best creative work across multiple categories from drawings, graphic design, websites, UI/UX to photography.

9. CSS Nectar

CSS Nectar is another great source of inspiration. It features the best nominees for their design competition. There is a lot emphasis put on CSS, so if you want to see what’s possible with CSS, you need to check out this site.

10. Inspiration UI

If you’re in the process of designing a user interface for your mobile site, app or website, Inspiration UI can be the perfect case study of great UIs. Your UI plays a huge role on whether or not your site or app gets used, so you need to put the extra effort into figuring out what makes for a great UI.

11. Landingfolio
At a certain point, you’ll need to work on converting more of your visitors into leads and customers. Landingfolio is a collection of some of the best landing pages across a wide range of categories. You have to understand that designing a regular site is completely different from designing a landing page. Landingfolio will teach you what elements of a landing page lead to higher conversions.

12. Invision

Are you still creating site prototypes with pen and paper? Why not skip the effort of taking your sketches to a design program and use Invision? This is a software program that allows you to design mock ups and prototypes as you go. You can even collaborate with others and collect feedback to work within a team and communicate with clients.

13. TutPlus

Are you a visual learner that needs guidance through audio and video? Tutplus has resources to help you learn videography and web design with videos, live streams and image rich tutorials.

14. UpLabs Chat

One of the best ways to learn design, look for jobs and get valuable feedback is by interacting with others. UpLabs Chat is a community that connects you to other professionals in the design industry.

Those are some of the best web design resources that you’ll find online. The best part is that most of these resources are completely free. There are many more resources that can help you design your own website. It’s a matter of putting in the necessary time.



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