What To Look Out For: Getting The Best Deal In Buying Low-Priced Carpets

September 12, 2018, In: Real Estate

There are several ways to find the best deal on new carpeting. You could always Google the words carpeting sale and hope to receive some good results, or you could read this guide. We included plenty of tips and tricks here in order to help you receive the best deal possible. Don’t shop for carpeting without reading this first!

Find the Closeout Section

The closeout section of a carpeting store will be filled with colors, patterns, and thicknesses that are being phased out. Since the store needs to make room for new inventory, the carpeting in this section is going to be sold at some excellent prices. The closeouts are usually top quality carpeting, so you’re getting the good “stuff” for a bargain. This is better than what you’ll find at shop holding a standard carpeting sale.

Choose Carpeting With Some Minor Flaws

Sometimes you’ll find carpeting with minor flaws in the clearance section. This is carpeting where the dye quality isn’t as good, so the color isn’t as rich as the rest of the batch. It might even have some minor issues, such as unusual thread patterns or a very minor blemish here or there. As long as you don’t care about these minor defects, you’ll find carpeting at good prices in this area of the store. You might even be able to haggle the store owner down to an even better price since he or she just wants to get rid of the carpeting.


Second-Quality Carpeting Is a Safe Bet

Second-quality carpeting is similar to the kind with minor flaws. The color may not be right, or the pile is slightly less thick than it should be. You might even find some that have loose threads to fraying fibers. Although the quality is a little less than what you’ll find in the closeout or “minor flaws” section, the prices will reflect this.

Be Careful When Purchasing Third-Quality Carpeting

While you do want a bargain, third-quality carpeting might be too far off of the mark. Sure, it’s very inexpensive, but the carpeting that falls into this category tends to have some major issues, such as backing that isn’t quite securely fastened to the fibers. It might separate while it’s on your floor, which can cause tripping hazards. It is also prone to wrinkling, creases, and will not last nearly as long as other bargain options. If you do purchase carpeting of this quality, ensure that the backing is tightly fastened.

Manufacturer Overruns Are Good Bargains

The carpeting that falls into this category is usually made as part of a large-scale order. Sometimes too much was made, so some is left over. Since this type of carpeting normally is special-ordered, it will not look like anything else in the store. People will overlook it for that reason alone. However, if there’s enough of it for your floor and it will look great with your other décor, go for it. You’ll get quite a deal.



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