Top 3 Simple Design Ideas to Update Your Home

December 8, 2017, In: Real Estate

When you think of home renovation, do you think of half finished projects and huge bills? Home renovation can be extremely expensive, especially if you decide to do something that is extremely expensive or time consuming to finish. However, the truth is there are a number of small changes you can make to your home to update it and get a more modern home. If you have no artistic talent, it could be a good time to exit this article and check out either interior designers Beverly Hills or interior designers Los Angeles to get you some help redesigning your home. But if you’re brave, read on, here are my top 3 simple design ideas to update your home:

1. Fresh Paint
The fastest way to transform your home is with some fresh paint. Whether you choose to do the outside of your home, the inside, or even both, a fresh coat of paint will dramatically transform your home. By simply redoing the paint, your home will feel newer and more to your taste. There are other options for using paint to add some character to your home, such as considering to do a feature wall where you paint on a wall in a room a striking or different colour to influence the mood and aesthetic of your home. Painting is something you can do yourself with a little care, but you can also choose to hire a professional if you don’t have the time or want a professional finish.

2. Art Some Art
I love adding art to a space because it’s one of the best ways to let a little more of your personality shine through. Obviously, art can be extremely expensive, especially if you want fine works of art, but there are a number of more affordable ways to add art to your home. You can buy prints, either on canvas or high-quality paper, you can choose to have them framed or leave them naked. Printed cushions are a fun and functional way to add a little pop of attitude to your home.
3. Fresh Plants
Plants are very trendy right now, especially leafy palms and the wonderfully low maintenance succulents. Why not add some plants to your home, bring a little of the outside in. If your home is a little bland, you can use bright flowering plants to add a pop of colour. My favourite way to have plants in the home is to have bright green plants in eccentric and brightly coloured vases or pots. At the moment, copper pots are really trendy too and the contrast between the copper and the green is just gorgeous.
These are my top 3 simple design hacks to update your home and make it feel more modern. Do you have anything in mind? Let me know in the comments below!


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