Tips for Sprucing up Your Home When Selling

August 27, 2015, In: Real Estate

When you’ve decided to sell your property, the enthusiasm you once felt for home improvement tends to vanish. Although you won’t benefit from repairs and updates, listing your home for sale without preparing is a huge no-no. To secure the best price, your home needs to look sale ready when you’re seeking valuations. Plus, to draw in potential buyers, the photos of your home need to look nothing short of fabulous.

It’s time to get sprucing! So to help you sell your home, here are some handy tips.


Be the Buyer

When you’ve lived somewhere for several years, you get comfy and stop noticing things. So, first things first, you need to step into your buyer’s shoes. To do this, walk through your home and try to view your property with fresh eyes. Does your furniture layout make the most of each room? Does each space have a purpose? Is the decoration appealing? Make notes of things that viewers would notice and make sure you change them.

Clear the Clutter

It’s important that buyers can envisage how they would use the available space, so they can visualise where they’d put their sofa or dining table. If you have surfaces covered in ornaments and trinkets, a hallway full of shoes, or overflowing cupboards, it won’t do your home any justice. By simply clearing clutter and personal items, you’ll allow your property to speak for itself.


Use Neutral Palettes

If you’re flamboyant with colour, have brightly patterned wallpaper or busy carpets, it may send buyers running. You need to strike a balance between homely and sellable, so tone down colour use. Paint in neutral beiges, greys and creams, or for an injection of colour, choose light pastel tones that brighten and add personality without being too loud.

Add Finishing Touches

One of the best ways to sell any property is by creating a lifestyle. To secure a good price, treat your property like a show home and add small finishing touches. There’s so many ways to dress to impress, such as: placing throws on old sofas, adding cushions to beds, hanging neutral coloured curtains, displaying plants, putting up mirrors and turning your bathroom into a spa haven.

Check the Outside

Outside space is always a huge bonus and depending on the target audience of your property, something that can make or break a sale. Always make sure the outside of your home reflects what viewers will find on the inside. Remove rubbish, cut any grass, touch up paint and add colour with flowers. Your front door is important, so stage the area and make sure your house number is clearly visible. Remember, first impressions matter!


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