Tips for brightening up your home this winter

November 25, 2015, In: Real Estate

With the days being shorter, the weather bitter cold and the skies gloomy and grey, brightening up the inside of your home is essential. Bringing a little sunshine to your interiors will help to keep your spirits high when everything outside is making you feel glum. Here are the tops tips for brightening up your home:


Light It Up

It sounds obvious but make sure that your home is as light as possible. With the right kind of light you can create a really nice cosy atmosphere that will make you feel worlds away from the whirling wind outside. If you’ve got a fire or a wood burning stove, ensure to put them on so that there’s some natural light and heat in the room too and try not to overdo it with artificial lights. The most effective way to brighten your home with lighting is to add strategically placed lamps and wall lights as they add small amounts of less intense light, creating a warm, bright atmosphere.

Add Plants

Flowers and plants can really bring a room to life. A bit of greenery can look really nice, especially when it’s so bare outside. Either take a trip to your local florists and get a big bunch of brightly coloured flowers or head to the garden centre and get some amazing indoor plants. Plants add a little life to your home so be sure to place them in a position where the natural day light can still get to them or else they’ll quickly die.


Put Photos Everywhere

Having lovely photos of all your loved ones dotted around can make a home feel much brighter. Have fun with different styled frames or invest in one the light up digital frames that’s constantly changing the photo, so you’ll never get bored. With reminders of all your happy memories rotating around it’s sure to brighten up your home.

Add Flashes of Colour

An easy way to brighten up your home is to add a little colour. You could buy a brighter lampshade or buy a new throw or rug to add a little something extra. If you feel you need to be more extreme try painting one wall a bright colour or buying some new furniture. Adding splashes of colour to a room really livens it up and will make sure you stay feeling happy all winter long.

Hopefully, if you follow these tips your home should be much brighter and cosier just in time for winter. Remember to add scented candles for a bit of extra ambience.


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