Plastic products to add life to your home

June 1, 2015, In: Real Estate

Plastic often has a bad reputation when it comes to decorating and redecorating. However this is a mistake as this durable material has become increasingly popular, especially when it comes to making houses look more modern.

Here are some ways you can use plastic products to add life to your home:

Get Creative with Photography

Using photos in your house will help turn it into a home as well as showing your personality. Pick colourful photos which make you remember good times, such as photos from holidays and travel experiences, and fun moments with family and friends.

Be creative and buy a bunch of wall mounted acrylic photo frames in different sizes, and make a feature wall with a bunch of them, or simply scatter them throughout the house in whatever way you like.


Focus on the kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms can often be expensive when it comes to redecoration, so plastic products are a good choice for these rooms.

Choose bright colours whenever possible, especially products like high gloss coloured splash backs, which are covered with a thin layer of colour which provides a glossy look at a much smaller cost than other solutions.

A coloured splash back is the perfect solution to make your kitchen look more modern, without spending the big bucks. Choose a colour you can use throughout the kitchen, and the cheap price will be your little secret.

Redo the Garden

You may be surprised to know that you can use high-quality plastic products to revamp your garden area. Consider using an Eco Border, which is environmentally friendly, easy and quick to install, and will keep your grass, garden, and path borders separate.


Focus on the kids rooms

There’s no better place for durable, good looking plastic than in the kids rooms. Kids are hard on their things, and brightly coloured storage spaces, beds, wallpaper, and toys can make your kids rooms more cheerful and exciting.

Use Plastic Bottles for DIY

Plastic bottles can be painted or used in a number of different ways. Cut them open and hang them from the your fence, filling them with soil and planting flowers or plants in them.

Another great option is to use the bottom of the bottle as a stamp, painting it and then pushing it onto white paper to make a flower design. The bottoms of plastic bottles can also be stuck together and placed over a lightbulb to make a retro light shade.



One of the best ways to actually add life to your home is to use accessories. Bathmats, toothpaste holders, cutlery organisers, plates, jewellery holders, and toy containers can all liven up your house, adding colour, durability, and fun to your space. If you’ve been considering making over your house. Be sure to accessorise, and you’ll find that you’ll by adding more personality to your home than if you just focused on overall aesthetics.



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