How to Childproof Your Home

August 27, 2015, In: Real Estate

The arrival of a new member of the family means that you’ll have to look at your home in a completely new light. As you baby becomes able to crawl or walk around by themselves, exploring will be the primary way they learn about their surroundings. While this means that the occasional bump and bruise is inevitable, it doesn’t mean that a lot of accidents can’t be avoided with the proper precautions.


How to Prevent Falls

Each year in the UK, around 500,000 children under the age of five go to the hospital because of an accident in the home. Falls are by far the most common kind of hazard, resulting in around 44% of all accidents. You should never leave a baby alone on a bed, changing table, or piece of furniture nor should they be allowed to play around the stairway. Childproofing your home often involves installing extra equipment. Invest in safety gates for problematic areas, magnetic locks, and corner protectors for any desks or coffee tables. While the latter may not prevent any falls, it could help lessen an injury.


How to Prevent Child Poisoning

Everything from plant fertiliser to cleaning products and medicines are a magnet to little hands. It’s important to be extra vigilant about where you store these kinds of products and not rely on the supposedly child-proof packaging. You’ll quickly be surprised about how resourceful your child can be when they’re curious. All of these kind of items need to be stored out of the way, preferably in a locked cabinet. Similarly, you should fix carbon monoxide alarms wherever there is a flame-burning appliance or an open fire. Carbon monoxide is poisonous, but it’s also odourless and invisible so make sure that all of your appliances are serviced regularly and that any areas for ventilation are left clear.


How to Prevent Scalds and Burns

When preparing a bath for your child, put cold water into the bath first before adding the hot water. Before placing your child in the bath, you should always test the temperature of the water with your elbow rather than your hand. You wash your hands with hot water everyday so they’re more accustomed to hot temperatures than the rest of your body is. Never leave a child alone in the bath, even for a moment, as they may play with the hot tap and scald themselves and any other children with them. To further prevent accidents like this, you can fit a thermostatic mixing valve to your bath’s hot tap to regulate the temperature.

While you can’t wrap your child up in cotton wool, with a little attention to detail you can help to prevent many common accidents. This will no doubt be both an exciting and scary time for you so try to get your home fitted with the essentials as early as possible.



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