Five simple hacks to make your home prettier

March 2, 2019, In: Real Estate

Your home is your sanctuary, the place you feel safe, calm, and where you go to unwind and relax. Like anything in life, it’s easy to get bored or for things to become a little samey, and when you feel like mixing up your home and making it feel different or more attractive to the eye, you might be wondering just how you can do it without having to totally overhaul every single detail.

Well, luckily it’s not that difficult, and things may be easier than you realise, giving you a prettier home environment with just a few simple steps.

lamp-580378_1280Time to get crafty

Craft isn’t just about cutting and sticking, it’s about turning something ordinary into something different and in some cases, something spectacular. For instance, Decopatch is a great way to mix things up, covering furniture or storage boxes in decorative papers and embellishments, to change the overall look. Knitting seat covers, sewing new soft furnishings, even making furniture by hand, these are all ways to spruce up an existing space.

Move things around and experiment

You might have had a set placement of your furniture for many years, but did you realise that changing things around a little, perhaps experimenting slightly, could give you a totally new feel to your home, and even make it feel like a new space altogether? Move rooms around, swap your sofa to a different place, turn your TV to the other side of the room so you’re facing the other way – these are all simple methods to make your home feel different, spruce it up, and in turn change the overall appearance.

living-room-728732_1280Change your colour scheme

Colour affects mood, this is a common fact, and if your house is feeling stale, changing the scheme could bring in new positive energy, making your house feel better and look prettier too. Blue is a popular colour, with its calming energies and relaxing themes, or maybe green for grounding. Of course if you want to decorate your home into a sensual love-nest, then go red for passion!

Small things make all the difference

Don’t be fooled into thinking that making your home prettier has to involve major changes, because even adding a few small embellishments here and there can have a huge effect. For instance, wall stickers are a great way to give extra oomph to a plain wall, especially when you throw in a meaningful and heart-warming quote.

Make a few thrifty purchases

Of course, making changes to the appearance of your home is going to mean spending a little money, but if you’re looking to buy new furniture, which is a great way to change the feel and look, then try second hand stores or advertisements on Facebook for the best budget buys. You can always upgrade what you’ve bought with a lick of paint, so don’t be afraid to go for cheaper options.




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