Why you Should Decorate your House yourself

June 1, 2015, In: Home

If you’ve been thinking about decorating your house, you’ve probably considered paying and interior designer to do the job for you. However there are a few reasons why you should consider decorating your house yourself:

You’ll save money

Why pay an interior designer when you can take a few days to discover which styles you like, and spend some time researching trends and classic pieces, getting the job done yourself without having to spend loads on an “expert”?


Contracts can be confusing

It can often be hard to understand just what those contracts mean. Sometimes you won’t know if you’re responsible for purchasing the furniture, or if you should be leaving that to the interior designer. Plus, what happens if you hate their designs? Does the contract specifically say what happens if you’re not happy with the end result?

There’s so much information online

Browse the web for interior design tips, and you’re likely to be overwhelmed. There are so many websites like Pinterest, or interior design sites which can give you tips, whether this is your first time decorating, or if you’ve done it before and you’re simply out of practice.

You can stick to a budget

If you’re on a tight budget it can be hard to justify spending money on an interior designer when you could put that money towards painting the walls, or a really excellent piece of furniture. It can also often be easier to stick to a budget when you’re not using an interior designer since you know how far your finances can stretch.


You can DIY

If you’re handy around the house, why not browse some DIY blogs? You can easily head to a flea market or garage sale and repurpose an old table or bookshelf, and these types of pieces can often add more character to a room, while allowing you to be proud of your personal contribution.

Decorating is fun

While it may seem a little overwhelming and stressful at first, the truth is, decorating a room or house is tons of fun. You get to take a blank slate and paint it until it’s yours. Everything in the room will be specifically chosen by you, and if you hate it in a few years you can simply get rid of it and start over. Often the fun of decorating is overlooked, which is a shame because there are plenty of awesome websites with great furniture available such as Aram which can help you find that perfect piece to stand out from the rest.

It can be great for your relationship

If you’re planning to decorate with your significant other, this can be the perfect time to see how well you work as a team. Decorating will be about negotiation, and you’ll probably find yourself getting frustrated at times, however this is an excellent way to learn to listen to each other.
If you can come out the other side proud of the space you made together, it will be an excellent lesson for the future.


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