What You Need to Know About First Aid Kits

October 25, 2021, In: Home

First Aid Kits are usually in the form of small bags or boxes that contain medical supplies used in treating medical emergencies. They are used by medical staff to apply first aid treatments to patients with injuries such as burns, cuts, or bruises before allowing them to go to the nearest hospital. 

First Aid Kits are very important not only for medical professionals at the hospitals but also to parents at home, teachers at schools, employees at offices, and officers at malls as well. Even your cars and boats should be carrying one while traveling in case accidents happens. 

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Accidents and emergencies can happen in a snap. You and the people around you can be hurt or injured. It is a good thing if you have your first aid kits around with you to be prepared if a situation like this hits you. 

Why First Aid Kits are Important

First aid kits can save lives

Having a first aid kit around you can save a life. First aid kits may be small but will be a big help if prepared and used properly. 

First aid kits can prevent the patient’s condition to get worse

Having been treated for first aid before allowing the patients to go to a nearby hospital can prevent the patient’s current situation to a more serious condition. It will keep the patients treated with first aids away from harm and possible danger. 

First aid kits can temporarily ease the victim’s pains

First aid kits contain emergency tools and equipment that can help the victim or patients feel more comfortable while waiting for appropriate medical attention and treatments, which can decrease their feeling of trauma and tensions.

What’s Inside Your First Aid Kits

A typical first-aid kit contains medical supplies used in treating minor injuries and other non-prescribed medicines. Even hikers, campers, and travelers carry one with them. It is a must-have in every place you can imagine.

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Inside your first aid kits, you will find the following equipment and medicines that are essential to medical and non-medical professionals in treating injuries and common sicknesses. 

A typical first-aid kit of medical professionals contains the following;

Nitrile Gloves

These medical gloves are better than any other gloves for it protects both the patient and the medics the right protection they need while treating injuries with a lot of blood.

SAM Splint

Used by medical staff for victims of broken bones and splints.

ACE Bandage and Band-Aids

A multi-functional bandage that is used in supporting joints with sprains and other injuries. For small bruises and cuts, band-aids were used instead of bandages. 

Medical Tapes

Medical tapes were more advisable to use rather than the ordinary adhesive tapes for it is much convenient and easier to use. 


Antiseptic wash, ointments, or cleansers are a must for it is used to disinfect wounds and other abrasions.

Tweezers and Scissors

Tweezers were used to pick out splinters from wounds or skin of the patient.


Gauze pads are used to cover wounds covered with blood for it is a good liquid absorber.

Pain Relievers

Ibuprofen is a known pain reliever medicine, It is a must-have in a first aid kit for all accident victims suffer from pain that can be relieved by taking them.

Instant Cold Pack

Instant cold packs prevent sprained ankles from swelling.


This is used to stop blood from flowing in the case of larger wounds and other injuries.

A typical home first aid kit may differ from the mentioned contents, but they are both prepared for emergency purposes. Your first-aid kits at home can include a thermometer, disinfectants, bandages, scissors, antiseptic wash, burn ointment, eye drops, non-prescribed medicines for headache, fever, colds, and others. 

This should also contain the prescribed medicines of the family members and if possible medical records of patients and first-aid manuals for future references. 


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